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There are a lot of reasons to consider a vacation to Athens, Greece. Culture, ancient history, nightlife and great cuisine are only some of the remarks of this popular tourist destination.

athens: Vegetarian Restaurants

For all those individuals that follow a Vegan or a Vegetarian lifestyle, the city of Athens, has a wide choice of vegetarian dining options. In addition, you’ll find not only a great assortment of vegetarian restaurants, but also bakeries, catering, and health food venues that cater to vegans and vegetarians. read full article



Aside from being a huge city and the primary tourist destination in Japan, the city of Tokyo is also well known for its tea houses or tearooms as they are oftentimes referred to. The main focus of these facilities is the drinking of quality teas although their function will vary somewhat based on the different cultures in the city. In the Japanese culture, a tea house or tearoom may refer to a particular structure that has been designed and constructed to hold tea ceremonies.

Tea House Tokyo

The structure and more specifically the room in which the ceremony is conducted is called chashitsu. read full article



Sweden has a long-standing culture of coffee drinking. This is a part of the ”fika” tradition, which basically means that you have a coffee paired with something sweet, like cookies or cake. No self-respecting employee expects anything less than that half an hour of the afternoon is reserved for a fika break with the colleagues. Although traditionally people would at the most visit each other’s homes for a fika, modern times have increasingly made the shy, quiet Swedes a more sociable people who today prefer to have their cuppa in a café. And, luckily, Stockholm offers a whole bunch of pleasant places to do just that. 502 of them, to be exact.

Stockholm Cafes



Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous city, is located on both sides of the Bosphorus River. The Bosphorus is the strait that links the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. It is also considered the cultural and financial hub of Turkey as well as being one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region of the world. For all intensive purposes, Istanbul is oftentimes viewed as being the bridge between Asia and Europe from a cultural and physical standpoint.

istanbul: best desserts

If you’re thinking that Istanbul is the city of “1,001 Nights” situated in the desert and surrounded by palm trees everywhere you travel, you’re in for a surprise because the city is actually sitting on the same latitude that New York City does. read full article



London‘s restaurants are well known for being diverse. But there are some eateries that stick to what they do best. Here are my picks for the best specialist restaurants. You just need to pick your favourite food and go.

London: speciality food restaurantsPhoto: Getty Images, Corbis

St. John

Like your meat, but want something a little bit more interesting. Then head here. They do unusual cuts and interesting parts of the pig that you wouldn’t think of trying at home. Never tried duck hearts or chitterlings? Now is your chance. This is fine British food at it’s best. read full article



Whenever you think about Italian cuisine, there are a number of dishes that frequently come to mind, especially lasagna. Where the international traveler is concerned, most of them feel that the allure of Italy is found in the cuisine, culture, Renaissance architecture, shopping opportunities, and the wines. However, with Christmas just around the corner, thoughts often turn to preparing a traditional Italian meal for the holidays to serve up to your family and friends.

Italian Christmas Recipes

Here are the top 3 Italian Christmas recipes that you should consider for the holidays if you want to have a delightful feast and the perfect meal to please your guests with: read full article



Madrid, as every cosmopolitan city in the world, offers its visitors a large variety of good restaurants where they can enjoy a great meal. Eating tapas is the most commonly known practice in Madrid but if you are looking for a traditional Spanish meal there are numerous dishes you must try.

Patatas Bravas MadridPhoto by scaredy_kat

Most of them consist of meat, but you can also find some dishes based on seafood and vegetables. read full article



Oftentimes called the Las Vegas of South Africa, Sun City is probably the continent’s primary gambling mecca and a great place for international visitors to enjoy some of their favorite games. In addition to the huge casino, the city also features a golfing estate and an outstanding theme park.

Vegetarian Restaurants South AfricaPhoto: DAJ/DAJ/Getty Images

Additionally, it has all the amenities of any major city such as a cinema complex, a concert arena, numerous restaurants, and a waterpark known as the Valley of the Waves. read full article



Great food is a travel essential, often making or breaking your experience. But discriminating between the tourist traps and authentic cuisine is often enough to make one just give up and reach for a candy bar. For the savvy traveler however, a city’s street-food vendors and sidewalk Tavernas can easily provide a delicious bite of culture.

eating in athens

In a pinch, walk two blocks in Athens in any direction and I promise the familiar red sign of an Everest- fast-food Greek style – will be in sight. I never leave Greece without at least one triangular slice of spanakopita and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Enjoy it at the airport, fountain-side at Syntagma square, by the Acropolis metro exit… seriously, everywhere. It’s my ideal quick-bite breakfast on the go, keeping my energy high while museum lines are still short. read full article



Berlin is a dream for devoted foodies. Above all, this culturally mixed city has an outstanding number of Asian restaurants to choose from, ranging from fresh Vietnamese to spicy Thai, to crisp Japanese and sweet-and-sour Chinese. After two immigration waves of Vietnamese, this nationality now makes up the second largest immigration group in Germany and around 10,000 live in Berlin. This is the reason why equally good and cheap Vietnamese food is so easy to come by.

berlin asian food

A touristy, but well-deservedly loved favorite is Monsieur Vuong, the hyped restaurant on Alte Schönhauser Straße. The interior design is modern yet personal, the clientel is cool, but it is the amazing food which makes people cue on the streets for a much-coveted table on the sidewalk. Naturally, the hype has pushed up the prices a little, but all in all, Monsieur Vuong is well worth a few euros extra. read full article



Renowned for its architecture, art, culture, history, and yes, those “coffee shops”, the city of Amsterdam offers something for every type of tourist, hence the city’s growing popularity as a targeted European vacation destination. However, international and local connoisseurs of beer and wine respect the city for producing some of the finest alcoholic beverages in the world.
Breweries in amsterdam
The following is a list of our top picks for breweries in Amsterdam. read full article



The legacy of the hippy movement is strong in Amsterdam for obvious reasons, and this means that the city has some great and varied veggie restaurants. These are some of the best and most interesting options.

amsterdam's vegetarian restaurants

MKZ on Eerste Schinkelstraat is a cooperative run restaurant where it is possible to get fantastic European style food at incredible prices. It is only open in the evenings three days a week, at the time of writing this is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday although this sometimes changes. read full article



The variety and quality of Helsinki restaurants has increased in recent years and there are now several restaurants in Helsinki with Michelin Stars. Helsinki restaurants include traditional Finnish and Russian restaurants, as well as excellent seafood restaurants and surprisingly good international cuisine.

eat in helsinki

Fine Dining in Finland

Chez Dominique is the only restaurant in Finland to receive two precious Michelin stars. read full article



A tapa, the miniature cuisine from Spain, is a finger food eaten between the meals. In Spanish, tapa means “cover or appetizer”. The Real Academia Española de la Lengua defines a tapa as “any portion of solid food able to accompany a drink”. You can choose from four types of tapas: cold, fried, sauce based and warm. The fried tapas, such as boquerones, calamaries, croquets, fritters, sausages and torreznos, are the most popular.
tapas madrid
The tapas served with salads can even replace a complete lunch. Tapas are made from both animal-based and agricultural products: anchovies, beef, cheeses, cocktail onions, dry nuts, meat, mackerel, sardines, squid, tuna, and vegetables. However, no tapa will be complete without olives. read full article



There’s been a lot of talk recently about London‘s Coffee. Caffeine haven Penny University has recently opened, which is certainly giving people something to talk about.

Cup of coffee

But there are still some London folk who reckon their very best coffee comes from out the back of a cart. And actually, they’d be right. The little coffee carts that pop up over the place are doing a roaring trade (or should that be roasting?) at the moment. People will always need coffee, won’t they? read full article