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Imagine staying at a luxurious hotel with all the modern amenities you can dream of but with a bizarre twist – it was a former prison. Yes, some posh hotels were actually former prisons with the vestiges of their past glory still evident.

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Staying in Los Angeles? Then treat yourself to one of the upmarket Los Angeles hotels for some truly special food, cooked by chefs to the stars. Read on to find out which 3 we like!

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Established in 1585, the MANN, as it’s called, is considered the most important museum in Italy. Will it blow your mind? Yes, yes it will.

Naples archaelogical rests



Turkey makes an amazing travel destination, and exploring Turkey should be on the top of your dream itineraries.

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Honeymoons are so special and a time for you and your spouse to relax, unwind and enjoy each other. Choosing the right location and hotel will ensure your honeymoon is unforgettable.

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While there are so many places in the world where the German football squad would have been sent for training prior to the 2014 World Cup, the German Football Association picked South Tyrol yet again. Let’s find out why!

South Tyrol



Switzerland is home to some of the world’s greatest natural beauty, including the Swiss Alps, of course. Let’s travel to Switzerland, and between eating chocolate and cheese, we’ll do 11 awesome things!

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Combining the rush of fast speeds and dramatic heights, roller coasters are some of the most exciting attractions around the world. Here are 25 among the highest and fastest coasters!

World's fastest coaster



Sometimes called the ‘sin city’ of the Middle East, Tel Aviv rivals cities like London and Paris when it comes to nightlife, entertainment and fun. As well as a friendly welcome you’ll find a thriving cafe and club scene, excellent shopping and a massive variety of cafes, bars and restaurants that appeal to every taste imaginable.

Tel Aviv hipster scene



Summer is almost here! Treat yourself with some pre-summer sun on these luxurious holiday destinations.

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Villa Carlotta is considered to be the most beautiful villa in Italy and it is easy to see why. Situated in a natural basin between Lake Como and the Alps, this fabulous villa provides a spectacular setting.

Italian villas



Whether you frequent hotels for business or pleasure, there’s no need to worry about ruining the diet or piling on the pounds anymore. Traditionally seen as high in fat and sugar, choosing from a hotel menu can now be a healthier and more enjoyable experience, thanks to some of the world’s leading hotel chains.

Healthy food in hotels



For those who want to indulge in exciting vacations while staying right on trend with the best vacation opportunities, here are some of the hottest travel ideas for 2014. Are your travel ideas really worth instagramming?

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If your a fan of Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza, the Oscar winning Italian movie, you may have noticed some of the stunning locations that were used during filming. Why not treat yourself to a stay at one of the terrific hotels near the locations of La Grande Bellezza and discover the wonderful sights in reality?

La grande Bellezza Sorrentino



If you are a great fan of Michael Jackson, you may want to visit some of the high quality hotels that he encountered during his long and successful career. Michael visited some of the worlds best hotels and left a lasting mark on some. Here is a few of the most famous places that Michael has visited.

hotels where michael Jackson has stayed