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If you’re visiting Paris more than a few days, one thing you’ll learn about the city is that its summertime weather is very capricious.

In the morning, you may need to bundle up in a warm sweater; by afternoon, you’ll… read full article



One of the most stressful situations we can easily find ourselves in is to get behind the wheels and drive in a traffic heavy city.

It’s hard to count how many bad drivers we meet in a heavily congested road or how many minutes… read full article



How to save money when on holiday in Norway?

The Nordic social security system is the envy of much of the world, it is comprehensive, generous and competently run. However, it comes at an enormous cost… read full article



Vienna International Airport is currently undergoing massive improvement work with the addition of a third runway and an extra terminal.

The airport already handles an enormous number of passengers, 18.7 million in 2007, and this is set to grow even… read full article



Rome is known for its many wonders: the history, the food, the scooters, cobblestone streets and cats sleeping amongst 2,000 year-old ruins.

But Rome is still haunted, and rightly so, by an Italian reputation- an inefficient bureaucratic nightmare, if you… read full article



For economy and even business class passengers, there’s seldom been a time since the history of civil aviation that the class above yours wasn’t coveted.

Numerous strategies and a combination of words to the check-in staff are said to work, although many of… read full article



While it may seem like global jihadists, over protective governments and unscrupulous airlines all conspire these days to make the life of a traveller as difficult as possible, this is not actually true.

Flying is almost certainly going to remain a high stress… read full article



For most people a guide of how to behave when abroad is not necessary, respect for local customs that are different to the ones you are used to at home is natural and acceptance of other ways of life is part of… read full article



Do you always find yourself stressed when you travel with kids? Here are some expert-given tips on how you can keep the stress to a minimum level and still have fun playing chaperon while traveling.

1. Dress the kids in



For those travellers used to jetting about Europe on budget airlines for next to nothing, getting to St Petersburg can cause problems.

This problem has its roots in the punishing Russian visa regime… read full article



Don’t you hate it when motion sickness takes off all the joy from traveling?

Check out some of these tips that can help you prevent motion sickness.

1. Sit in front of the vehicle.

If you have the option to sit… read full article



When traveling through the different regions of France, the cuisine can vary as much as the landscape.

Visiting the north? You’re likely to find yourself tucking into hearty dishes featuring wild boar or venison. If in the… read full article



If people could have it their way, most would want to explore the world while they’re young and at the prime of their health.

Realistically though, most people are financially able to travel only after they’ve sent their children to… read full article



While many spectators on the route of the Tour de France are cycling fanatics, it’s not just an event for people who love the sport already.

If you’re in France in the month of the July, the Tour might just be the perfect day trip… read full article



A visit to York, the ancient city in northern England, is like a trip back in time.

York Minster, England

You may think that this is to give hyperbole slightly too free a rein since the gaudy, loud and flashy aspects of modern British culture… read full article