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How to Tuesday

It’s a common travel annoyance:

Girona airport

you score a deal on a budget airline only to discover the airport is miles away from the place you actually want to be. read full article



Golden Week, known as Ōgon Shūkan or Ōgata renkyū, is a time of travel and leisure in the land of the rising sun.

Golden Week in Japan

The Japanese Golden Weel is comprised of four national and the informal holidays taken in between those dates. read full article



A trip to Thailand is sure to be packed with activities – water sports and beach hopping in Phukhet and Pattaya, visits to temples, shopping at the floating market, elephant, crocodile and cultural shows and Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife.

Thai massage



The UK has such an elevated position relative to its size in terms of political and cultural influence that many visitors are surprised at just how small it actually is.

UK transportation

At less than half the size of France and dwarfed by the behemoth Unites States, the UK is a mere 149,000 square miles. read full article



Hamburg is a wonderful city of music. It is the top town for musicals in Germany and very popular for its musicals in Europe. If you are a music fan and you want to visit Hamburg, you should watch out for one of the lovely musicals in town.

heisse ecke musical in hamburg

You can also get some tickets for some concerts or music shows there. read full article



The website of Deutsche Bahn, the German rail company, is advertising new through tickets for visitors from the UK to travel to Berlin from London by train.

This is an attempt to claw some of the market for weekend trips back from the low-cost airlines and is billed as ‘a comfortable and time-saving alternative to flying.’ With environmental issues still pressing for us all but economic concerns becoming ever more immediate, it would seem that there is indeed a market for this product family. read full article



Visiting a cemetery in London may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are more than 850 famous people buried in Highgate,

ranging from the grandfather of communism Karl Marx to author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… read full article



You have come a long way to reach your destination. You are tired and looking forward to start that dream holiday– only to find out you lost your luggage at the airport.

Does the situation seem familiar?

With tons… read full article



Looking to dropping by Amsterdam on a budget? Perhaps soaking up the arts and culture scene?

Amsterdam is indeed a great place for a fun-filled holiday but traveling around in this beautiful city can easily lighten your wallet.

However… read full article



There are lots of articles and books with guides to cheap days out in places like London that usually break the bank if you’re not used to them.

Many of these lists often forget to incorporate the costs of travel, which… read full article



Is there a better way to while away an afternoon or two in beautiful Turin, than to wander throughout the city sampling chocolate truffles, drinking hot chocolate, or eating cake? Possibly, but who cares? Let’s eat!

Turin has five… read full article



If you have never taken a vacation to New York City, you may not be able to comprehend why it is referred to as “The City That Never Sleeps.”

If, on the other hand, you are either a resident… read full article



New York City has Times Square. London gets to celebrate the New Year before the rest of Europe. But New Year’s Eve in Paris remains an unforgettable night for those lucky enough to experience it.

Whether you are an avid clubber… read full article



If you are not a stickler for all things natural then Las Vegas is a great place to celebrate Christmas.

This city of illusions proves itself as the weaver of magic and dreams during this… read full article



New York plays host to the grandest of Christmas celebration that there is anywhere in the world.

Things to see: Christmas Shows and New York Sights

Just walking around the streets of New York during Christmas feels… read full article