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Oslo Airport (OSL) is the gateway to Norways capital city and other destinations in Norway, from the Fjords to the Norwegian Lapland. Also called Gardermoen, the airport is Norway’s main international airport and is located 50 kilometres outside the city of Oslo. The airport is proud of its good public transport connections and it is easy to get from the airport to Oslo by train or by bus.

oslo city center from oslo airport

By Train

The Airport Express Train, or Flytoget, is the easiest way to get to Oslo. Trains leave from the terminal building (in the arrival area, turn right after passing through customs and follow the signs). read full article



For the less informed, Riga is the capital of Lativa, the Baltic state sandwiched in between Lithuania and Estonia. Because of its stunning architecture, it’s becoming increasingly popular with tourists all over Europe.

24 hours in riga

But before we start, it’s time for a word on climate. Latvia feels colder than the moon in the winter months, and I speak from unpleasant personal experience of not having brought enough insulating clothing. Unfortunately, to combat this, many of the establishments you may visit have the heating cranked up to excess, which means you spend half your time taking clothes on and off like some sort of high-energy circus act. Because of this, it’s more advisable to visit in the months of June, July, and August where temperatures average around 17°C, not exactly toasty, but manageable. read full article



The airport in Athens is a major Aegean, Balkan, and eastern Mediterranean regional transportation hub and is the preferred venue for tourists visiting the city. It has also become a popular gateway to Asian and the Middle East countries. Upon your arrival, you will probably have to figure out which form of transportation you want to use in order to get to central Athens from the airport. Athens is one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean region and is comprised of several districts.

transportion from athens airport

Fortunately, the area is well served by several transportation venues, so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how to get from Athens Airport to central Athens. There are three primary transportation venues for getting from the airport to your hotel in the center of the city: read full article



The Italian capital, nicknamed the “Eternal City” is a city of layers, contemporary establishments built on thousands of years of history. The sense of history here is extraordinary, so profound and immediate. The city of Rome is a museum in itself, and only 24 hours to spare can hardly do its timeless grandeur and beauty any justice at all, but it is ample time to intrigue your senses and pave your path for return.

1 day in rome

The city is best experienced by foot or bike, as transportation is not the most reliable and many of the main tourist destinations are walking distance apart. I prefer walking around the city, as it also provides a full-fledged sensory experience. read full article



The fastest growing city in the world, Dubai is a garish, headline grabbing whirlwind of a place that burst onto the international tourism circuit. Flashy, fun and just a little bit weird, it has well and truly stolen the crown from traditional stopover destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

24 hours in dubai

So if you find yourself with 24 hours to spare in this zany, buzzing city, forget about getting some rest in between your flights. After all, where else in the world can you be riding jeeps through the desert one minute, relaxing on the beach the next, before hurtling down an indoor ski slope to finish? read full article



When thinking about Amsterdam images of clogs, tulips, cheese and windmills usually come to mind. For many people it may also be the red light district and coffee shops, but there is a lot more than that in this interesting city. A visit to Amsterdam is something you’ll never regret.ù

The most common way to move around the city is by bike. You can also take the tram, which goes to most tourists’ spots.

24 hours in amsterdam

There is a lot to see, but if you only have 24 hours it is a good idea start with a tour around the canals. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris. read full article



Venice is served by two international airports, Marco Polo has been the most popular to date with full service airlines while the second, Treviso, is the base for budget airline routes to and from the city. Unsurprisingly, Treviso is further away and therefore connections are slightly less convenient.

airport in venice

Marco Polo Airport offers travellers the chance to experience one of the most glamorous airport transfers anywhere in the world as they cruise across the Laguna Veneta towards the iconic skyline and grandeur of Venice. read full article



Prague is a central city of Europe and therefore a “must-have” addition to any European city hop journey.
2 days in prague
Though it is an amazing city where most visitors are foreign students who like to spend half a year on location to fully explore the city, Prague is relatively concentrated in size and it is possible to cram its highlights in a 48-hour venture into the old bohemian capital. read full article



Since the breakup of the Soviet Union and during the post-Communist era, the city of Budapest has become a tourism mecca for international travelers.
Budapest Family Trip
There are numerous attractions and events that you can enjoy in the city, especially when vacationing as a family. Budapest is a city steeped in world history and filled with cultural treasures and it could take numerous visits there to discover all of them. read full article



In the fall, the look of Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, turns gorgeous amber and orange. Days become cooler and shorter.
Bike and Tulips in Amsterdam
Both locals and a trickle of tourists look for indoor entertainment – museums, music venues, dance floors… Here are some vibrant dance, music and theater festivals to cheer you up in the fall. read full article



Perched on the edge of the Gulf of Finland, Finland’s stylish and yet totally un self-conscious capital, Helsinki, is the perfect short-break destination.Getting around



Schiphol is one of the world’s busiest airports and is often used not just as a gateway to Amsterdam but to all of Europe, especially for passengers flying from the US. Schiphol is also used by many budget airlines such as Easyjet catering to the weekend break market. Getting to and from the city and airport should be easy and straightforward, even for those of us who don’t speak Dutch.



Whether you come to Belgium for its delicacies or not, whether you even like chocolate or not, doesn’t matter once you set foot in Brussels: You will try some chocolate. As you will soon find out, chocolate vendors are everywhere in the main tourist areas of downtown Brussels.
Belgian Chocolates



Known as the cradle of the Renaissance (la culla del Rinascimento), due to its abundance of art and architecture, Florence attracts millions of tourists every year. However, the city’s river valley location and its surrounding hills make for extremely hot and humid summer weather, with average temperatures ranging from 27 to 31°C from June to September.



Berlin enjoys a very well-connected, relatively inexpensive, and efficient public transportation system. There are two main airports in the city: Berlin Tegel (TXL), located in the northwest and Berlin Schoenefeld (SXF), located in the southeast. Both are international airports, but Schoenefeld mostly caters to charter flights and low-budget carriers like EasyJet and Ryanair. Tegel is considered the current official international airport of Berlin, but that is soon to change in 2011 when Schoenefeld becomes Berlin’s sole airport.