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Sitting near the Azores Islands archipelago, Cape Verde, the Madeira Islands, and Morocco off the western coast of Africa is the Spanish territory known as the Canary Islands.  The islands are known for their bustling, lively nightlife during the peak of the tourist season.  Interestingly enough, the Canary Islands are the home to 23 different Vegan and vegetarian restaurants as well as another 21 Vegan bakeries, bed and breakfasts, catering businesses, health food stores, and other shops.  The following is a list of the more popular ones.

photo by SweetOnVeg



The city of Ghent and its quarter of a million residents enjoy an atmosphere that depicts a crossover between a lively cosmopolitan metro area and a quiet, provincial city. Ghent also has a much younger population than cities like Antwerp and Brussels as their city centers are disintegrating. Staying in Ghent can be expensive if you aren’t aware of some of the more affordable places to stay. The following is a list of some of the better budget accommodations in Ghent, Belgium.



The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg flanked by imposing giants like Germany, Belgium and France holds its own with a thriving economy, the world’s largest GDP per capita, strategic importance in history and some of the most beautiful landscapes and city plans in the world. Being a trilingual country with German, French and Luxembourgish as its official languages, it’s a favorite destination for Europeans looking for a relaxed holiday week.



Rhodes is an island of contrasts as package tourist resorts in all their gaudy glory crowd the northern coast while the south coast maintains a traditional Greek island way of life as best it can. This division allows tourists to get to and live on the island very cheaply but means they always have an avenue of escape if the loud and constantly active resorts become overwhelming.



Visitors to Prague, Czech Republic will almost certainly use the convenient and well appointed Ruzyne airport situated about five miles west of the city. After some comprehensive expansion and improvement works in recent years the airport now acts not only as a gateway to Prague but to all of Europe for visitors travelling from as far afield as Korea. The transfer to or from Ruzyne is not as easy as it is in many major cities due to the absence of a dedicated rail link but is still quite simple and convenient.

Prague Czech Republic Airport



Many arrivals get their first taste of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil soon after landing at Galeão Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport and it is not always the relaxed, friendly experience people expect. A combination of heat, exhaustion and seemingly endless queues for baggage reclaim and customs can leave weary travellers longing for a cocktail on the beach. This is a short guide on how to make transfer from the airport to the city (or vice versa) as quickly and easily as possible.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Statue



If you are looking for inspiration to book a trip to Paris, France, then watching one of the most charming and sumptuous films every made, Amelie, would certainly seal the deal. It is what La Dolce Vita was for Rome and most Woody Allen films are for New York. Here are some of the best locations to include on your trip around Paris with the film Amelie.

Paris France Louvre



The capital and largest city of Spain is Madrid as well as being the artistic, cultural, financial, and historical center of the country. With a population approaching 3.5 million, it is the busiest and most populated area of the Iberian Peninsula and southwestern Europe. Madrid is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region and sees millions of international travelers every year. For many of these visitors, it is the Spanish cuisine that is the primary draw.

Madrid Spain Food



Getting around the hub of southern Italy is a lot easier than its sounds. Naples, the capital of the Campania region, is served by Capodichino International Airport. Here you can get direct flights to many European destinations which are served by regional airlines. You can also catch flights to and from the United States, off-season with a stop in Dublin, Brussels, Rome or France, or during the summer months when low cost carrier EuroFly flies direct between Capodichino and New York’s JFK Airport.

Napoli Ruins



Arrival in Marrakech, Morocco, especially the first arrival, can be a mad assault upon all the senses. For many this begins before they have even left the airport.

Marrakech Street Market



Hong Kong, China, as one of the great cities of Asia and even the world, is a fantastic place for visitors to shop and find exotic goods that they wouldn’t be able to find at home. This is a brief guide to what’s on offer, how to buy it and then you can figure out for yourself how to get it all home!

Hong Kong Market



The impressive and continuing rise of Dubai as both an economic hothouse and tourist magnet means that more and more visitors from around the world are paying their first visit to this Emirate on the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai Night



The opening of a new terminal specifically for low-cost airlines in 2006, and the fantastic rebuilding and renovation of the rest of the buildings, has made Barajas International Airport the main transport hub for visitors to Madrid. The clean and efficient airport is located about 12km from the centre of the city and transfers can be made easily and cheaply at any time of day or night.

Madrid Airport



Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is Denmark’s main international airport. Located in Kastrup, just 8 kilometres from Copenhagen, the airport has good public transport connections to Copenhagen and to other destinations in the region (including Malmö in Sweden over the Øresund bridge). Like in all Scandinavian countries, public transport in Denmark is efficient and modern, and it is easy to get to Copenhagen from the airport by train or by the underground.

train to copenhagen

A free shuttle bus operates between the domestic terminal (terminal 1) and the international terminals 2 and 3. The underground and train stations are both in terminal 3. read full article



Zürich airport is one of the main airports in Switzerland. Its small size makes it easy to navigate and it also has fast connections to Zürich city: it takes just ten minutes from the airport to the city centre by train.The airport has information desks for arriving tourists in arrivals halls 1 and 2. The Airport Service Centre in the car park 2, on the first floor, offers tourist information.
Zurich Airport