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Fallen victim to love vibrations on holiday? Failed to realize that your Taormina, Santorini or Ibiza lover came with a two-week expiration date? Alas, the links point to hotels in these places, not to pictures of said lovers. Here are… read full article



Want to expand your social horizons on your next Paris vacation? Here are some safe, surefire ways to meet people and share some unique experiences:

1. Walking Tours

Paris is extremely walkable, as any guidebook can surely tell you. If you want a more interactive amble… read full article



Carrying back sweet memories that can last a lifetime is only possible when you have a great collection of photos. Here are some interesting and thoughtful tips to make your trip memorable.

Carry a separate bag for your camera so that you do not have to rummage through… read full article



You’ve arrived to one of the richest coffee drinking countries in the world. Cafés beckon at every corner in Portugal, the sound of the espresso machine greets your entry, and now the hard part…how to order the coffee?

The Portuguese are very serious about their coffee and… read full article



A bike is essential in a city like Florence, Tuscany because once you have the privilege of a bicycle you won’t want to lose it. Walking and taking the bus is all well and good, however the bike has its advantages. Some tips you should keep in… read full article



Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise and there’s no wonder why: no sales taxes, magnificent shopping malls, and street markets open until midnight can make for days of inexhaustible shopping. Everything from cheap knock-offs to luxury brands can be found here for prices lower than holiday sales. Every… read full article



Traveling is supposed to be an exciting and interesting experience. But there is always the travesty of flying across time zones and succumbing to the ever dreadful jet lag. This one word sends shivers down my spine. I don’t know about you but for me, managing… read full article



While the tourists in the rest of Western Europe are trying to figure out how to stretch the ever-rising Euro to get the most out of their holiday, why not take those Euros over to Lisbon, Portugal and let them work in your favor. Fill your… read full article



It’s well known that the Greeks follow different rules than the rest of the world. People don’t line up for the bus, they cram themselves together in a wave of organized chaos; first push, first serve. Leaving your luggage in the early morning to mark your place in line… read full article



Before you go haring off around the world on your adventures, it’s wise to make sure that the airline you choose to fly with has several vital features.

Even in these days of Star Alliance, standardisation, and what with the various, increasing facets of globalisation, it’s important to… read full article



Germany is every automobile lover’s dream. Home of some of the automotive industries leading brands and the only country with unlimited speeds, Germany is worth visiting just for the thrill of being able to drive (and I mean DRIVE) a car like you stole it. But there are… read full article



With nine terminals, endless security lines, and constant cancellations, JFK airport can be a traveler’s worst nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you are flying from/to this New York airport, check out these five ways to beat the baggage lugging heartache.

1. Book



Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai, ThailandWhether you’re traveling in Europe, or roaming exotic lands in Asia, places of worship will have a place in your tourist itinerary. Churches and chapels, mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, synagogues – almost all places of worship of the major religions are similar in… read full article



Wondering what the best place is to spend a gastronomic weekend in France? Though it is difficult to answer since fine food and wines can be found throughout the country, we have cooked you up a couple of ideas for a gourmet break in France:

  • Attend a gourmet cooking course in Dordogne



The best things in life are free, so get out there and experience the best Sydney has to offer!

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

When visiting Australia, everyone will always utter the immortal words ‘You must… read full article