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London’s Heathrow is located 32 km (20 miles) west of Central London, and it is well served by transport links.

There is a shuttle service between Heathrow airport and Hotels in Central London. The service is named national express dot2dot, and runs between… read full article



We all experience a tiny sense of loss when the end of summer approaches us. The children are due back at school. And, for some moms anyway that is always a great thing.

In general, for the rest of us it does mean back to the seriousness… read full article



It’s always very good to rent a car during vacation to be more flexible and enjoy the stay while going wherever and when you like. So the question is how do you hire a car abroad?

Here are a fews tips that will help you book a car… read full article



One of the top benefits of living in France is the availability of fresh and cheap produce, meat, and fish. Even the smallest French town typically has a weekly farmer’s market, and the bigger cities boast several of all varieties.

For newcomers, venturing to shop in… read full article



Cork is Ireland’s second city, in the south-west of the country, is home to an abundance of excellent fresh food. Here’s a guide to some of the best on offer in the city.

The Irish love to eat well and drink plenty. Local produce from the many farms… read full article



Preparations for the Oktoberfest 2008, the largest beer festival in the world, are in full swing. On September 20th, the festival would be inaugurated at the Schottenhamel tent in Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany.

Highlight of the opening rituals is tapping the first beer keg and calling… read full article



Want to travel alone and don’t know how?

We wonder how some friends or family can manage to travel solo since we are too scared to do it because we don’t know the benefits it gives over group traveling as for example total freedom of meeting more people. People… read full article



Imagine attending the world’s largest arts festival amidst the picturesque backdrop of a medieval castle, windy streets and mysteriously inviting passageways. Welcome to the Fringe in Edinburgh.

With over 30,000 dramatic, musical, comedy, children’s and other performances at nearly 250 venues, the Fringe is an easily… read full article



You may be good at freelancing but the question is are you good at international traveling?

I have been Voyaging since I was a sparkle in my father’s eye and I will tell you some career international travel tips.

• International travel is part of your job… read full article



When traveling with children for long hours it could get boring and restless for them which makes them not care about safety, therefore adults need to keep this as a priority and parents have to make sure safety rules are followed before and during the trip.

Things… read full article



More than three decades old Great Britain Heritage Pass (GBHP) gives free access to about 600 heritage sites of Great Britain. GBHP, an exclusive privilege of foreign visitors / non-U.K. residents, ensures hassle free entry to attractions; and saves money and time.

GBHP is a very good option… read full article



Prague is a beautiful, even magical city. It has an energetic spirit, an inquiring heart and a welcoming face. Culture oozes from its pores and history is baked into its very being.

Yet this has all been ruined of late by the crowds of booze tourists, the… read full article



In the heart of Tuscany, Florence is a dream destination. Idyllic cobbled streets are lined with designer boutiques, awe-inspiring art galleries and world-class food set in breathtaking architecture.

These days, with budget airlines and a plethora of hotels to choose from, one is spoilt for… read full article



Pet lovers all over the world face the turmoil of leaving their pets in kennels and pet care centers when they plan to go on a trip.

But if you are one of those who plan’s to take your beloved dog or a… read full article



Bargaining and budgeting helps you save and maybe get you to squeeze in an extra destination while you are traveling. Everyone likes to get the most out of their money as more money saved means, another city covered or maybe a few more shopping trips! And who knows that… read full article