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Oil prices are shooting up and financial institutions are closing down but this doesn’t mean we cannot travel. We only have to be creative so we can keep the costs at a minimum while still maximizing the fun and adventure!

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Traveling to Rotterdam and landing at Amsterdam Airport?

Check out this painless and affordable guide to getting from Amsterdam Airport Schipol to Rotterdam.

Initial Checklist

First things first. As you already know, a little of cash is essential for this public transport venture. Chances… read full article



The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)  in London is enormous.

The V&A is so huge in fact, that to try and look at every room in the museum in any detail, you’d be there for at least week. If you’re on a tight schedule… read full article



Many people might think Italians drink and wash in olive oil and, to a certain extent, it’s not entirely untrue. In the same way the Brits have salt and pepper on the table, the Italians have a bottle of olive oil and, like seasoning, they add it to pretty… read full article



You might be thinking the title is a contradiction in itself and sadly, for the most part, you would be right.

Monte Carlo Casino

But there are amazingly still ways in which the average Joe can visit Monaco and its capital Monte Carlo (which to… read full article



Does traveling with your teenager seem to be a hard experience?

Statistics have shown that these are usually the most feared members of the family and we are going to tackle how to overcome the challenges involved below.

Choosing the right location or destination because many… read full article



Paris has three international airports, Charles De Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais. Beauvais airport is only used by budget carriers such as Ryanair and Wizz for short hops within Europe, while the other two handle both long haul and short haul flights from around the world.



I lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium, for three months and let’s put it out there: it isn’t the coolest European capital. When you compare what the city offers with Berlin or Amsterdam, it’s quite safe to say that, well, Brussels doesn’t really measure… read full article



The scenario could be that Crazy Aunt Polly is on a Grand Tour of Europe and, remembering you’ve just arrived in Turin, Italy for your studies abroad, emails you to say that she’ll stop by on her way to Venice. Or perhaps George, an old… read full article



Cruise lines, resort package deals, and air traveling may easily encounter thousands of dollars. You can invest more or less of that money on your trip and may take a risk of losing it altogether.

A few people either do not think of having a travel insurance policy or… read full article



One of the most magically seasons of the year is autumn. The leaves change creating the backdrop for the most stunning foliage that can only mean fall has arrived.

fall leaves

Autumn tends to be the winding down from the heat and thrills of summer. Fall lends its… read full article



After the destination is picked, tickets bought and accommodations booked through, the next step is to mentally prepare for the trip. To help become comfortable with unfamiliar destinations, travel books and guides can ease the tension. If anything, they don’t make you feel alone.

Here are some tips when shopping for… read full article



I love to eat, and one of the best things about traveling is that you get to try new things in new places.

Although I’m French, the best gratin de pommes-de-terre I ever had was in Stockholm, and I still get a bit teary when… read full article



An Italian train station can be one of the most intimidating situations a foreigner faces today – especially one of the EasyJet generation who prefers each step clearly marked in candy-colored block lettering – and Turin’s central train station, Porta Nuova, is no exception.

The clutter of… read full article



Since Frankfurt, Germany is one of the main air travel hubs of Europe many travellers will find themselves here at some point, whether they intended to or not. Some will be connecting straight out again while others will have time to kill.

This need not… read full article