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Vienna is one of Europe’s most spectacular cities to visit for the holidays. It is especially spectacular to visit for New Year Celebrations.

No expense is spared in the style category when it comes to ringing in the New Year. When starting the New Year in… read full article



All of us want nothing less than excellent service wherever we go. That’s why most people stay away from companies that give otherwise. However, traveling to new places can especially be challenging because you have to deal with businesses you’ve never dealt with before and with new people whom… read full article



If you’re in Florence for New Year’s Eve — called La Festa di San Silvestro or Capodanno — there are a couple of ways you can enjoy your evening.

There is the elegant, expensive approach: spend an evening at a palazzo or a fine restaurant with a special… read full article



Have you traveled to a place, say in Asia or Europe, where English is not the spoken language or where you are not familiar with the local dialect?

Before you look up Help in the dictionary, consider doing these tips to find your way around.

1. Prepare

Learn… read full article



If you’re in London during New Year’s whether for business or pleasure, there are great ways to celebrate the coming in of 2009!

Book a river cruise and see London fireworks

A great thing to do while you’re there on New Years Eve is to see… read full article



If you are an eco-conscious traveler who is worried about how will stick to your green credentials when traveling abroad, then one place you might want to head is Barcelona, Spain.

In terms of recycling, the home of Gaudí is up there with the very… read full article



Hamburg is a very huge city in the north of Germany and it is a lovely and famous harbor city.

When you reach Hamburg by airplane, you can take a taxi or a train to get to your hotel. This train is called “S-Bahn” in Germany… read full article



Visiting Italy during the Christmas season can be one of the most interesting ways to get a look inside Italian culture. Especially from a North American standpoint, where the ubiquitous Christmas tree is normally replaced by the presepio (nativity scene).

I spent the Christmas holiday in Rome two… read full article



Visitors from New York, London or Paris are often heard uttering the old cliché: “Berlin’s great, but the food’s awful.” While good curry, real escargots and twenty-four hour diners are hard to find, Berlin has more than its share of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine.



The Musée du Louvre in Paris is perhaps the most famous museum in the world. As a result, it’s also one of the busiest visitor attractions in Paris. Here are five tips for a smooth visit.

1. Getting into the building

The long queues at the… read full article



The increase in popularity of traveling to Beijing has been fairly prevalent the past decade or so, but with the Summer Olympic Games in the city this past year (2008), its popularity absolutely skyrocketed.
Unfortunately, along with becoming a tourist Mecca, comes a vacation that can destroy a… read full article



No trip to Madrid is complete without a visit to the Museo del Prado, one of the oldest and finest art collections in the world. Of course, there is an abundance of Spanish art here, but the collection also represents material from around the world.



If you’re on a budget and you’re in Paris, never fear. There are some great things to do that don’t cost a thing.

  • Stroll Along the River Seine

If you’re with you’re sweetie, go to the River Seine located in the center… read full article



Everyone says that Florence is a very expensive city, and these days we all need to watch our money. But Florence can be quite reasonable—if you know where to go.

If you’re planning a trip soon, here are some very important tips to help you… read full article



Every major city has their particular version of the open-top sightseeing bus, and London is no exception.

As much as we’d all love to be able to say that we navigate the streets on our own, there is still nothing that can rival being driven around… read full article