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Any epic journey or unforgettable adventure deserves a well-loved travel journal, doesn’t it?

Following the trip, you can share your travel journal with family and friends and revisit the destination again and again. Unfortunately, not all travelers keep up their travel journal while they’re on-the-road.

Here are a… read full article



What can you do when you have just some hours to spend in one of the most interesting cities of the world? Stay cooped up in a hotel room or in the airport waiting for the next flight? I have a better idea.

Here I’ll… read full article



So you’re in Berlin, and you’re from the Americas, and you’re having a craving for a tacqueria (read: a USA equivalent to Berlin’s Dönerladen).

Burritos Restaurant Berlin

Where do you go? Well, for starters, DON’T go to Mexikoplatz (Mexico Square) in the West; for all your… read full article



You’d be a fool to think you couldn’t manage the Slovakian capital of Bratislava in only one day. If you follow these strict instructions then you’ll have no trouble at all.

A few key things to note before you start. It’s in Slovakia. It’s a mix… read full article



Moscow has three main airports visitors are likely to use when arriving in or departing from the city. These are Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo.

Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow

It is wise to be clear about which airport you need from the moment you book your ticket as… read full article



Venice, Italy has stood the test of time through several invasions and world wars, but now its distinct architecture is being threatened by pigeons. The authorities have had to act as the birds and their droppings have been jeopardizing city structures and tourism.




Picture this.

A man clad in layers of thick jacket, shoveling snow in a thick blizzard.

On the other frame is a man wearing shorts, sipping a cold beer, lying on a hammock under the shade of a palm tree, looking at a view of clear waters… read full article



There is much to enjoy in Nice including the Mediterranean weather, great locales, and a vibrant city.

But the best time for the fun loving to visit Nice would have to be in February when the city loses itself in its Carnival or carnaval, one of… read full article



In Basel the carnival, or Fasnacht, as it is known locally, starts on the first Monday after Ash Wednesday. In 2009 the dates of the carnival are from the second to the fourth of March. This comparatively shorter carnival, lasting only seventy-two hours, is rated in the list… read full article



The tradition of a masked carnival can be traced as far back as the fourteenth century in Venice.

It has now evolved to being the best known international event in Venice with people from all over streaming in to this popular tourist destination. The avenues… read full article



If it’s a party you want it’s a party you will get at the Carnival in Sitges, Spain.

In 2009 the celebration begins in mid-February and for the next ten days or so the city takes on an air of magical music and color. A… read full article



Planning a trip to Spain? This could be the beginning of the best vacation of your life.

From the most amazing beaches to the Pyrenees Mountains, from the estuaries in Galicia to the sandy Almeria landscape and from quaint rural villages… read full article



Pizza Restaurant BerlinPicking out a decent Italian restaurant has to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Cheap plastic table cloths and bottles of Chianti enveloped in melted wax abound in the good joints just as much as in the packaged parmesan cheese places. But if… read full article



So when I say Scandinavia, I’m assuming you don’t think sunshine and palm trees. No, I’d rather expect you to assume something about three hours of daylight and rather bitter cold. Well, it’s pretty true.

Daylight is scarce and seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) is in abundance… read full article



As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is very accessible by using public transport.

Many people ‘in the know’ – those who work in the city – choose to leave their cars at home to avoid traffic and looking for a parking space. If the locals… read full article