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To lovers of opera the pilgrimage to the many great opera houses of the world brings together the beauty of the architecture of each house, an exquisite history and the perfect acoustics of many of the most famous opera houses still standing.

Famous Opera houses of the world



The Eiffel Tower is definitely a must-see, but there are many other landmarks you can’t miss either!

Paris, France



William Shakespeare is regarded as one of the greatest English poets as well as playwrights of all time. Although known throughout the world, most of William Shakespeare’s plays have been set in Italy for quite a number of reasons. These plays include; the Merchant of Venice in Venice and Taming of the Shrew in Padua




Yeah, you’ve already seen the Duomo Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore… or at least its dome and bell tower in pictures!

Santa Maria del Fiore



Do you fancy some interesting but completely and utterly useless facts related to travel? Well, here are 20 for you to mull over!




Planning to visit Berlin? Here is a quick guide on some of the best neighborhoods to visit.

Berlin's neighborhoods



Want to have a pulsating holiday experience in New York? Read on for great ideas on the best places to go!




The Great Gorilla Run is one of the world’s most fun conservation events. The event is held in London and involves running 7 kilometres through the City of London dressed as a gorilla!




Want to get to know your flight attendants a little better or thinking of joining the league of flyers? Here are some fun facts about flight attendants that will amaze you.

Fun facts



England, Ireland and Scotland are fantastic countries to travel around. There are plenty of amazing historical sites, gorgeous countryside and exciting cities and towns. Here a some of the highlights of England, Ireland and Scotland.




Need some info on Berlin public transportation? Then read on!




Want to experience one of the most magical destinations on earth? Visit Venice, Italy a city emblematic of culture, power of imagination and art.

Venice neighborhoods and canals



Ever dreamed of owning a boat? Well, now you can. Read on and find out which are the greatest September boat shows in Europe!

Boat show



Summer vacations are all about sun and sea but when temperatures come down and the snow starts to fall, then its time to think about ski hotels.


Most unique burgers served in the USA

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Join us for a virtual culinary tour of some of America’s most visited cities. However, don’t expect to find the usual fast-food fare or tourist-trap chow listed here… read full article