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The Old Palace is a legendary building with legendary gardens.

what to see in Serbia



Champagne in France is one of the country’s most beautiful regions, particularly for wine lovers. The city of Reims has plenty of attractions and excellent transport links to other areas of Champagne. Here are 11 must-see suggestions for anyone visiting this beautiful part of France.

Champagne Ardenne



Whether you frequent hotels for business or pleasure, there’s no need to worry about ruining the diet or piling on the pounds anymore. Traditionally seen as high in fat and sugar, choosing from a hotel menu can now be a healthier and more enjoyable experience, thanks to some of the world’s leading hotel chains.

Healthy food in hotels



For those who want to indulge in exciting vacations while staying right on trend with the best vacation opportunities, here are some of the hottest travel ideas for 2014. Are your travel ideas really worth instagramming?

instagram on travel



If your a fan of Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza, the Oscar winning Italian movie, you may have noticed some of the stunning locations that were used during filming. Why not treat yourself to a stay at one of the terrific hotels near the locations of La Grande Bellezza and discover the wonderful sights in reality?

La grande Bellezza Sorrentino



Watching an exciting flamenco dance is a must-do fun activity in Madrid!

fun things to do in Madrid



The Brooklyn Bridge is just one of many landmarks to see while in New York City.

Sightseeing New York



The Piccadilly Theatre is a famous venue in London’s Theatre District.

theater district london



London’s British Museum building is a breathtaking sight!

Museum London



Italy, like any other busy country, is full of traffic most of the time. It is common for drivers to have mixed experiences during their tour in different cities of Italy. However, with enough experience and information, you will definitely tell the best and worst cities for driving in Italy.

best & worst cities for driving in Italy



The hen night is often a big night out for the bride and her friends. Partying in your local town or city has long been the most popular way to celebrate, but in recent years the “drinking/stripper/fancy dress” combination has given way to something a little more elaborate. So if you’re planning a hen night abroad, which are the top European locations for celebrating?

best locations bachelorette party



The first cat café opened in 1998 in Taiwan, and became so popular that its fame spread to Tokyo, where there are so many cat lovers that the idea of having coffee in a café where it’s possible to hug and hang out with the cats who live there, exploded.



We have already seen what we loved about 2013, but now it’s time to look forward to the new year! Here are some pictures of what is about to come. Have a glance at them, they are amazing!

Istanbul, Turkey



This has been an awesome year for us – here are some great pictures that tell what we loved about 2013! Have a look at them all!




The Vatican Guard protects this sacred land.

Vatican city