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For any tourist who has ever been to Zurich, going to Zurich would be reason enough. Such is the ambience of the city.

Often referred to as ‘downtown Switzerland’ Zurich offers both the pristine landscape that Switzerland



On the east coast of Italy in the region of Emilia Romagna there is a beach town that would impress even the most hardcore party orientated travelers.

The town of Rimini is just about 1 hour south east of Bologna… read full article



1. Shopping paradise

Shanghai has more commercial goods than anywhere in China outside of Hong Kong, making it one of the top shopping centers of Asia. Shopaholics especially love to explore the markets of Nanjing Road, the… read full article



There’s nothing like the warm and enchanting Mediterranean.

It’s as though Europe has its own private swimming pool. If you squint at the map then you might just see the outline of an elephant. The trunk taking you to Gibraltar… read full article



Sadly there is a bit of a stigma now attached Tallinn, Estonia.

Like Prague it has become infamous with throngs of beer-guzzling stag parties all intent on sampling the cut-price beer and treating the place as… read full article



If you’ve ever suffered from serious sunburn then you probably don’t need to read this as you’ve undoubtedly learnt your lesson and are taking proper precautions now.

But can we ever know enough about the harm UV rays… read full article



The Netherlands are well known in Europe for their liberal approach to life.

Open mindedness and tolerant attitudes are an integral part of the country’s character and this is nowhere as obvious as in Amsterdam’s red light district. Legalised… read full article



Like so many modern cities, the outskirts of Lisbon are succumbing to ubiquitous design coupled with convenient but stark implementation.

The Parque das Nacoes is a fine example of this, although the Aquarium there is excellent. The… read full article



Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and is located on the Mediterranean coast.

The city’s name has become all the more famous recently ever since the football team FC Barcelona won the Champion’s League trophy in… read full article



Madrid has the double distinction of being not only the capital, but also the largest city in Spain.

It is located on the river Manzanares, which winds its way through the center of the country. If you… read full article



A part of the glorious Mediterranean region, Ibiza is a part of the Balearic Islands, which also includes Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca and an ever so tiny neighbor – Formentera

The island lies at almost… read full article



The sun can be relentless in the summer months here in Rome.

With everyone looking for a place to lay their beach towel it can become quite difficult to find the perfect spot. In my search for a… read full article



Dubai’s extreme temperatures in summer with record humidity and very low wind may be rather off-putting for even the most hardened water sport fanatic, although for the other 7-8 months of the year, it’s quite bearable and can even be a… read full article



For some reason, which is unknown to me, the German state of Saxony has been mostly ignored by tourists, except for those to venture to Dresden.

Almost all of those who do visit the state are… read full article



Saxony is the place to visit if you want to see some of the most beautiful castles in Germany.

With plenty of fairytale-like castles,  Renaissance and Baroque palaces, fascinating monasteries, impressive fortresses and lovely gardens,  Saxony is a great… read full article