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Lovely Lisbon is the home of steep tiled streets, delicious egg tart pastries and strong sea breezes.

Adraga Beach, Lisbon

Indeed, multiple beaches are tantalizingly close and locals flock to them to lay in the sun in summer and to gaze at the sea in winter. read full article



For runners the gruelling 26.2 miles of a marathon is the ultimate test.

Edinburgh Marathon

Pushing on past the ‘wall’ and feeling the adrenaline rush as you make it across the finishing line makes the sore feet, blisters and relentless hours of training no more than a distant memory. read full article



The ‘fair Verona’ of today compares favourably with the one portrayed in Shakespeare. There are more tourists nowadays but the gang warfare between Montagues and Capulets has subsided, leaving an appealing and relaxed place to visit.



Shanghai is a modern metropolis, famous for its never-ending construction and towering skyscrapers. Yet, just 180 kilometers away, lies Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province. Culturally rich and renowned for it’s picturesque beauty, Hangzhou makes for the perfect relaxing day trip away from the hustle and bustle.



Every guidebook and tourist map will lead visitors to some fantastic architecture in the heart of Berlin. The Riechtag, The Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial top the long list of buildings designed by some of the leading practicing architects of the world.



Along Schlesischestrasse, one of the unsung cooler streets of Berlin, there are a number of sites for today’s nomad/city-dweller, and, strangely enough, they’re all on one side of the street. You can easily move between furniture boutiques, cafes, galleries, boutiques and record shops without ever even having to cross the street.

Schesichestrasse graffitti, Berlin

Plus if you tuck back into some of the buildings, you’ll find some really great graffiti and street art. read full article



Are you seeing billionaires?

Moscow has more billionaires living in its streets than any other city on earth. A certain owner of Chelsea FC is one of the most famous of the gang of wealthy men and women (mostly men). Many have made their money from a certain fossil fuel, amongst other things.

Moscow Matryoshka dolls

There are around 70 billionaires in Moscow, which beats New York by a few to come top. read full article



If you were to think about which city has the world’s best carnival celebration, you’d probably think first of Rio de Janeiro, and then perhaps of Venice or New Orleans.

Carnival in Paris

Paris probably wouldn’t come to mind. You might even be surprised that Paris has a carnival at all. read full article



Hunger and meal times are probably at the upmost importance now you’re pregnant and missing meals can leave you feeling sick. Although you may not feel like it, especially if you are suffering from morning sickness, you must continue eating.

Pregnant Woman Traveling

There were instances when I felt I could not eat e.g. after a 16-hour-train journey through Thailand, but you must for the health of not only your baby but yourself. read full article



London is well known for being a place of culture, museums, pubs and a huge variety of people and communities. But what people don’t realize before they arrive in the city is how huge it is in reality.

Squirrel in Kensington Park, London

The roads and buildings stretch for miles and miles… read full article



One of the great joys of travelling is that occasionally you come across a place where you can not only hear about history but can actually feel it, see it and touch it.

Rome Colosseum

Rather than in dry museums, where the past can seem remote, vague and as dusty as the exhibits, these are places where the past comes to life and assaults your senses, read full article



The Polish capital can proudly boast a long history with the written word. In 1747 the doors of the world’s first public library opened to the people of Warsaw.

Warsaw-plac zbawiciela

The Zaluski library was the brainchild of a pair of brothers, who were both bishops. read full article



Ever heard the popular pipe tune “The Green Hills of Tyrol”? When you trek up the Alps in the Tyrol region the music seems to be playing all around.


It is only inability that will stop a tourist from yodeling out aloud. From the snow covered peaks of the winter months to the lushness of the green during the summer months, Tyrol – the key to discovering the Alps, read full article



1. The invention of the ball-point pen

Don’t laugh because you wouldn’t know what to do without one. Thanks heavens for a Mr Slavoljub Penkala, who lived much of his life and died in the Croatian capital.




Bangkok is Thailand’s largest city, an eventful place where people from all corners of the globe flock to because of its historic tourist destinations, unique cuisine and cheap shopping bargains.

Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok: A Shopper’s Paradise