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One of the most beautiful parts of the world, and one of the most threatened by climate change and rising sea levels, is the archipelago of the Maldives.

This string of islands, atolls and coral reefs in the middle of… read full article



So what exactly do I mean by Environmentally-Friendly?

Well, this list relates to nations that take the problem of a warming planet very seriously, rather than just their Politicians moaning about it at Global Summits and never taking any practical action. For “Greenies” out… read full article



1. Spain

Spain, with its culture, beaches and favourable climate has been for years an almost ubiquitous tourist trap. But all is not rosy in the land of España. Much of the southern parts of the country are at… read full article



As the new reflects the old in Athens, Greece, so the ancient Parthenon is mirrored in the upper construction of the New Acropolis Museum, which opened this past June.

One of the most common criticisms heard… read full article



If you are planning a trip to Vilnius, check out these four curious facts about the Lithuanian capital:

Learn a language on the bus

Vilnius was the first in the world to offer language classes while you travelled on… read full article



As boring as it sounds, the English Phone Box has become internationally recognised as one of the symbols of Britain, almost as synonymous with London (in Hollywood) as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Yet as the… read full article



Planning a trip to Tallinn? Read these curious facts about the Estonian capital:

1. A mouse robbed a bank

Imagine popping to the cash machine to get some money out and finding a half-eaten bank note sliding out… read full article



Amsterdam is making strides where accessible tourism is concerned. The city has made a lot of effort to introduce accessible facilities in major sectors like transport and popular attractions.

Having said that, I should also point out that Amsterdam is… read full article



Washington, the capital city of the US is in many ways an interesting summary of how two sides of American life can bare very little resemblance yet live alongside each other and in close proximity.

Wealthy homes, white marbled… read full article



Like many people, when I visit a new city I like to eschew the offer of public transport and take to my feet.

The bus or metro systems may be quicker and easier but they mean that you… read full article



Ok so we can’t know everything about everywhere but there are some places that should be higher up the ranks for tourists than they are.

Pompeii is a household name but what about the intriguing ancient harbour city just… read full article



Very high in the north of Germany is the wonderful city of Kiel with an excellent maritime flair.

Kiel is a modern place to take a ferry trip or a cruise, especially if you want to do a Scandinavian… read full article



The small Canary Island of Lanzarote attracts millions of tourists every year.

Thanks to a winning combination of over ninety beautiful beaches, great year round weather and high standards of accommodation.

Yet despite the island’s undoubted popularity… read full article



Confused where to go with France’s teeming tourist locations? I highly recommend visiting Loire Valley which is also known as the “Garden of France” and here’s some fun facts why it’s really worth your time to drop by:

1. Live Like



Dubai, in the last few years has seen the influx of extremely rich tourists and residents who go clubbing every weekend.

As such, nightclubs have sprung like mushrooms and will probably continue to do so when you… read full article