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Cibeles, the ancient goddess of Nature, or more precisely, mother of the mountain – a symbol of Madrid?

Madrid Cibeles Fountain

When thinking ‘symbols’, two ideas come to mind, one symbolic meaning read full article



Swedes are famously stylish, and like in any other capital, the Stockholmers reflect the essence of the nation’s traits. Everybody is into fashion, although nobody likes to really admit it – it’s all about creating your own, personal expression.



Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, especially during the summer months when the weather is conducive to enjoying the outdoors and the glorious sunshine! You can find an event throughout the city almost every day during the summer months. I have listed some of the more popular events below, and the best part: they’re free, kostenlos, gratis! Some may require getting to the venue early to secure good seats, but there is no entry fee.



Located on France’s Mediterranean coast is the Côte d’Azur or more commonly, the French Riviera. It is not only one of the most targeted holiday and vacation destinations in France, it is extremely popular with Europeans and other international travelers of all ages.



London‘s Covent Garden is on the very edge of Theatre Land, with a few choice theatres to see in a show. But there’s one that I’ve stumbled across that’s a little bit different.

Convent Garden Actors Church

For a start, it’s a church. St Paul’s church isn’t an old church that’s now a theatre. read full article



With nearly 300,000 residents, Venice is one of Italy’s larger cities and one of the top holiday and vacation destinations in Europe.
Rialto Bridge in Venice
he beauty of Venice lies in the fact that the city is stretched out across 117 islands situated in the Venice Lagoon of northeastern Italy’s Adriatic Sea shoreline. read full article



Though Lisbon is an utterly beautiful and picturesque city in itself, it is quite small relative to other international metropolitan cities.

Lisbon Monastery Dos Jeronimos
After a few days of walking around, the city starts feeling familiar and navigating through the city becomes a cinch. read full article



The art of faking a masterpiece isn’t as simple as it looks. You can paint sunflowers, right? Then you can copy Van Gogh, right? Nope. Not that simple I’m afraid.

National Gallery London on Trafalgar Square

Not when you factor in the style of paint, the age of the canvas, the little read full article



For the majority of the residents of the city of Pompeii, the 24th of August in 79 AD turned out to be a permanently life-changing event for 20,000 citizens and their families.



If you’ve been planning a French Riviera vacation, or the Côte d’Azur as the locals call it, there will be much to see and do while exploring this spectacular Mediterranean coastline situated in the south eastern part of France.



One of our favorite places to visit is the small village of Costozza (near Vicenza), Italy. The quaint village sits at the foot of the Colli Berici hills and is surrounded by stone cliffs and rolling fields of vineyards.



There is no doubt that one of the most targeted destination sites for international travelers is the city of London, the UK’s capital and most populated city.

London Gay Pride

However in recent years, it has also become a favorite of the bisexual, gay, lesbian, read full article



The city of Brussels is over 1,000 years old (founded in 979 AD) and is Belgium’s capital city as well as the capital city of the European Union (EU) and serves as the economic and political administrative center for the European continent.

Street Market in Brussels

However, it is most renowned from a tourism aspect for the arts, cuisine, culture, and history. read full article



Menorca is the quietest of the Balearic Islands, although still geared mainly towards tourism. While the clubbers and cheap package tourists tend to stick to Ibiza and Majorca,

Surf in Menorca, Balearic Islands

Menorca attracts more families and relaxed read full article



With it’s white sand, million dollar views, clean water and unbelievable African sunset, Cape Town has some of the beautiful beaches on the planet.

Cape Peninsula in South Africa

The city is unique in having two oceans – the warm Indian Ocean and the cold Atlantic which meet at the spectacular Cape Point. read full article