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1. Get the right words for drinks before you go

It’s easy to slip up when ordered a drink in Belgrade because they don’t seem to resemble the English version at all. Before you arrive in the capital, note that… read full article



With all the fame and glamour of the northern cities the mystique of the south of Italy is often overlooked.

However, if you are one of those travelers looking for real substance outside of the usual tourist hubs, heading south is… read full article



2. The Dragon

The famous symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon. The history of the iconic monster dates back to tales of Jason and the Argonauts. It’s said that Jason sailed up the Danube, then the Sava and then the Ljubljanica before finally… read full article



Imagine this scenario. Say you are visiting Amsterdam or Rotterdam; it might be for a two week holiday; or it very well could be to enjoy short term visit.

In such instances, most of us will ending up asking that… read full article



In 2006, The Peloponnesian city of Patras, Greece was selected as Europe’s Cultural Capital, and for good reason.

The wide array of special events, exhibits, festivals, and various ongoing presentations, continue to delight large numbers of travelers annually, all of which have been designed to show the city of Patras at its best. For those of you who have never experienced the city, it is one of the best examples of a true Greek city. In addition to its tourist industry, Patras relies heavily on agriculture, its prolific wine country, and its busy shipping industry. read full article



1. Not bad for wine

It might surprise some of you to hear that Romania is at number 10 in the Top 12 Wine Producers in the World. The Romanians pump out nearly half a million tonnes of the stuff… read full article



Amsterdam Red Light District

Prostitution is often referred to as the ‘oldest profession in the world’ and whether you agree or not it seems to hold a weird fascination for many people as a result of which the districts where prostitutes ply their trade are considered to be… read full article



1. It has gone by many a name

The Slovak Republic capital has seen many names over the years, often dependent on who is calling speaking about it. Pressburg is one that pops up a lot and in many English and German… read full article



1. Largest castle area in the world

Prague at night

Prague’s famous castle has been the home to a Czech King, President and even Roman Emperor and is also able to boast the largest castle area in the world. It’s a whopping… read full article



1. It’s Hotter than the Guidebooks will have you believe

Funny Camel in Dubai, UAE

Don’t believe all that travel brochure guff about it having a “warm climate, ideal for sunbathing.” Even the most seasoned sunbather will be unable to spend more than 5 minutes on the… read full article



How many of you have ever thought to pop a few flowers in your cooking to make them taste a bit nicer?

Lavender Field - Provence

Probably only a handful. But then if you were in Provence then it’d be the absolute norm to spoon a few… read full article



For those of you brave enough out there to even consider taking your bikes off the local country lanes and into terrain as high and lengthy as a mountain range then you might want to read on.

If you’d rather just use the bike to nip to get a pint of… read full article



The Lake District, is one of England’s most popular holiday destinations.

Wastwater Lake, UK

Located in the north western region of the country this rural area stretches around thirty four miles across. Numerous eras of glaciations has created this unique geography that has been immortalized in the… read full article



It might be the least funny joke in the world but the city on the French Riviera Nice certainly lives up to its name.

Pebbled Beach - Nice, France

If you are old, young, hip, active, cultured, sporty or anything in between the city has something… read full article



Is everything about the UK always about the ‘stiff upper lip’? Not quite! Here are some of the lighter aspects of the people and the place.

London Sky

Drinking in an English Bar

1. In England, in pubs or bars, you can have drinks but… read full article