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I might be a grown-up (apparently) but that doesn’t mean I don’t like toys and playing and fun. London has some excellent toy shops, so once you’ve hit Hamley’s (you’ve all heard of that one, right? I don’t need to go into how awesome Hamley’s is. It’s big, there’s lots of toys and tourists. It’s expensive and fabulous fun. But, what about the more specific shops? Where are the independent toy shops that you can take your kids too?

toy shops london



If that old saying is true – “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then half a century of film archives must be priceless for telling the story and the beauty of Italy’s Campania region. Many of the old Hollywood classics portray southern Italy in a simpler time and the black and white images add to the romance of the love stories and the sinister nature of the tales involving crime and mystery.

cinematic stroll through campania of yesterday

The 1950s and 1960s yielded a treasure trove of films shot in Campania. Here is a handful to get you started on your journey through a different time: read full article



Classic Hollywood movies of the 1950s and 1960s shaped our early view of southern Italy both as a destination full of love and passion and as a sinister, dark hotbed of corruption. Yet, in the 1990s, filmmakers explored the more colorful side of Campania, often making its lush scenery as much a part of the plot as the characters themselves.

cinematic stroll through campania of today



The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, a beautiful secluded place in the heart of the Spanish capital, is just across the Prado Museum. Nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts should not miss it, as the garden is home to flora from diverse climatic zones. The garden comprises greenhouses, pavilions, a bonsai section, kitchen garden, orchid section, rose garden and aromatic plant section.

madrid botanical garden

Greenhouses present exotic plants from different parts of the earth. Catroviejo Bolibar Santiago, a computer-managed greenhouse, has three plant sections: tropical, subtropical and desert. Graells Stove or Las Palmas greenhouse features tropical species, mosses and ferns. There are dedicated pavilions: pavilions of bananas and buckeyes. read full article



One of the aspects of Budapest that many international travelers oftentimes overlook is the assortment of shopping malls and bargain opportunities that the city has to offer.
Shopping Mall in Budapest
We’ve decided to compile a list of the most recommended ones in the city so you have a head’s up should you be planning a vacation to Budapest. read full article



The capital city of Italy is Rome and is one of the top picks for an international vacation, especially for lovers and romantic couples. It is the famed city of the Roman Empire, the Seven Hills, and Vatican City. It was also the site of several famous movies such as “La Dolce Vita” and “Three Coins in the Fountain.” Rome has been a center of culture, history, power, and religion for over a millennium as well as being home to one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

Kid Friendly Rome
The following list of kid-friendly destinations in Rome is far from complete. However, you should consider these as events and attractions that you don’t want to miss while vacationing in Rome. read full article



Madrid gives you the opportunity to make some great day trips from the city. Take advantage of European trains that for little money will take you around some pretty nice and interesting places.

Madrid Day Trips

One of the most popular trips is a visit to the El Escorial palace. Take the Cercanias Train line C-8 from Atocha train station for a one hour-long ride. read full article



Pink-color structures of Marrakech have earned it the epithet “The Rose City”. And beautiful monuments and vibrant cultural and trading activities of the old city -Medina of Marrakech- draw both locals and tourists.



One thing that you can definitely count on when you are visiting the city of Athens is that it really comes to life once it gets dark.
athens dancing venues
Music is a large part of that and there are numerous clubs for you to venture into and enjoy for an evening. Just be aware of the fact that music venues don’t come cheap and cover charges can cost between €10 and €30 ($13 to $39). This doesn’t include drinks which average about €10 ($13) each. read full article



Renowned commercial centre ever since medieval times, Leipzig is one of Germany’s most dynamic cities. With an unmatchable musical history above any other place in the world, Leipzig is a veritable city of music.



I don’t know about you, but I have a list of movies which are beyond beautiful and which draw me in so much that they make me want to buy a plane ticket every time I watch them. You know, those films which let you escape to a magical or exotic location, and are incredibly atmospheric making you feel as if you’ve travelled to another place?



It is hardly news to say that Italy has a long and integrated history with the Catholic Church. After all, the Vatican and Saint Peter’s sit in the center of Rome. The well-known and often-visited cathedrals of Milan, Venice and Florence are the only reminders one needs to understand the depth and intensity of Italy’s religious, artistic and historical association with the Church.

Lecce Basilica



Joe Mc Michael, an MIT grad student, has designed a new website (Globe Genie) that allows you to see some new sights on Google Street View by picking one of the five continents and then clicking on Shuffle.

Airport Dining

Seems there’s no cheapest way to travel and be green! Read more on Intelligent Travel. read full article



The Pargue Castle, one of the most important landmarks of the Czech Republic, is the largest castle complex (70,000 square meter area) in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its religious and secular buildings represent various styles of architecture, including Gothic, Renaissance and Roman.

Prague Castle

Majestic Vladislav Hall, decorated with Gothic and Renaissance style elements, hosted banquets, coronation festivities, read full article



Miami has oftentimes been referred to as an imperfect paradise in that it is still growing and developing like a young teenage beauty. The city displays an air of cockiness, is exasperating yet lovable, and is to grasp the latest fashions and fads. As cities go, Miami is relatively young in that a century ago it was an Indian trading post located in the midst of mosquito-infested swampland.