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One of the most popular holiday and vacation destinations in the Mediterranean Sea

Ibiza Beach in Spain

is the Island of Ibiza situated off Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. read full article



London’s Stepney Green isn’t known for it’s boutique hotels.

David Carter London
They’re all over the other side of London in Kensington. read full article



Theatre has a long, grand and sometimes grisly history in Rome.

Rome Theatre

It is a history that reaches from the gladiatorial contests and Christian massacres of ancient times, read full article



outh Africa, as I’m sure everyone is aware by now, is hosting this summer’s football FIFA World Cup.

Bol Beach in Croatia

Although the global financial conditions and the high price of flights to South Africa mean read full article



Various types of beer have been made in Belgium for centuries, so they have had plenty of time to perfect the different production methods. Today the brewing of beer is still very regional

Leffe Belgian beer

reflecting the role that rural monasteries played in developing read full article



During the gray days of March there is nothing that brings more joy than the thought of Spring.

De Young Museum, San Francisco

This year, from April 20 – 24, San Francisco’s De Young Museum will be welcoming read full article



The Chelsea Flower Show is one the most famous garden shows in the world and a major social occasion in London.

Chelsea Flower Show, London

Known for their love of gardening, Brits flock to this annual garden show in London’s Chelsea and famous visitors and supporters include the British Royal Family. read full article



Traveling with pets

If you have a dog and enjoy going out with your friends but don’t want to leave your pet alone: stop worrying!

Kitesurfing in Italy

The Good Pub Guide has just published a dog-friendly pubs’ guide though the UK. Thank you guys! read full article



Ljubljana, like many cities in the former Eastern Bloc, has enjoyed a renaissance since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the eastward expansion of the EU.

Ljubljana Triple Bridge

At first, tourism was based almost entirely on the low prices on offer but the city’s place in the market has matured recently and while it is still relatively cheap, read full article



Lovely Lisbon is the home of steep tiled streets, delicious egg tart pastries and strong sea breezes.

Adraga Beach, Lisbon

Indeed, multiple beaches are tantalizingly close and locals flock to them to lay in the sun in summer and to gaze at the sea in winter. read full article



For runners the gruelling 26.2 miles of a marathon is the ultimate test.

Edinburgh Marathon

Pushing on past the ‘wall’ and feeling the adrenaline rush as you make it across the finishing line makes the sore feet, blisters and relentless hours of training no more than a distant memory. read full article



The ‘fair Verona’ of today compares favourably with the one portrayed in Shakespeare. There are more tourists nowadays but the gang warfare between Montagues and Capulets has subsided, leaving an appealing and relaxed place to visit.



Shanghai is a modern metropolis, famous for its never-ending construction and towering skyscrapers. Yet, just 180 kilometers away, lies Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province. Culturally rich and renowned for it’s picturesque beauty, Hangzhou makes for the perfect relaxing day trip away from the hustle and bustle.



Every guidebook and tourist map will lead visitors to some fantastic architecture in the heart of Berlin. The Riechtag, The Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial top the long list of buildings designed by some of the leading practicing architects of the world.



Along Schlesischestrasse, one of the unsung cooler streets of Berlin, there are a number of sites for today’s nomad/city-dweller, and, strangely enough, they’re all on one side of the street. You can easily move between furniture boutiques, cafes, galleries, boutiques and record shops without ever even having to cross the street.

Schesichestrasse graffitti, Berlin

Plus if you tuck back into some of the buildings, you’ll find some really great graffiti and street art. read full article