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Here are five new year’s resolution ideas for travelers:

1. Play tourist in your hometown

No matter how you feel about the word staycation, there are many of reasons to vacation in your hometown. You can discover things that you… read full article



After 80 years of rule by atheistic communism, Christmas barely gets a look in on the Russian festive calendar, but rather the big one, the celebration that brings the whole country to a standstill for the best part of a month, is the… read full article



Lille is a quaint relaxed city in the far northern tip of France in the region Nord-Pas de Calais.

Though it is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, he city is not a typical traveler’s… read full article



Vienna is a magical city at any time of year but this is especially true around the Christmas and New Year period.

With fairy lights sparkling around the fantastic architecture, the incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the aromas… read full article



The first thing that must be said about Christmas in St Petersburg is that while Christmas falls on December the 25th for those of us from the West, in Russia it is on the 7th January.

This is because the Russian… read full article



As the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the seat of the Habsburgs, Vienna is one of the few cities in Europe which has kept its Imperial splendour and charm while advancing boldly into the modern world.



No visit to Dublin is complete without a trip to Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest and most renowned University, and no visit to Trinity College is complete without a peek at the Book of Kells.

The illuminated work was composed by Monks… read full article



Almost everyone I know wants to visit the city of Venice in Italy for a number of good reasons.

Venice, Italy

Some want to experience Italy’s well-preserved culture, others to tie the knot (yes, couples do go to the… read full article



Who would’ve thought that a thriving Roman city was buried beneath 20 feet of volcanic rocks, pumice and ashes?

Vanished and forgotten, the walled city of Pompeii in Naples, Italy was accidentally discovered 1,669 years after the eruption of… read full article



Bulgaria proves that a country need not be large to be diverse and interesting. Its interesting geographic location has made it home to various ancient civilizations and varying natural and climatic conditions.

Tracing its history back almost thirteen centuries Bulgaria is… read full article



For forty years during the Cold War the continent of Europe was divided. The Communist east and Capitalist west faced each other across the Iron Curtain, a divide that seemed as permanent as it did solid.

This can all seem like… read full article



Warsaw is more emblematic of a post-war reconstruction metropolis than a city boasting a plethora of sustainable design, yet hidden in the urban fabric are a few inspiring examples of environmentally responsible architecture.

The Warsaw University Library, The… read full article



New York is always a city abuzz with excitement and what better time to enjoy the energy that this city has to offer than at Halloween.

New York at Halloween is an absolutely transformed place and you can’t… read full article



In my many conversations with the local Italians here in beautiful Turin, I occasionally learn things that I certainly hadn’t read in a guidebook anywhere.

And I should know. I’m one of those travelers that… read full article



If you’re looking for the perfect destination in which to spoil your partner for the weekend, then you can’t do much better than Edinburgh.

With dramatic scenery, a thriving cultural scene, numerous shopping opportunities and a host of… read full article