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Italy’s southern region of Campania is rich in both history and beauty and one of the most breathtaking drives is La Costiera Amalfitana, The Amalfi Drive. It is the coastal road that links Sorrento to Salerno.



The origins of the Notting Hill Carnival can be traced back to the less-than-festive race riots that gripped Notting Hill and the surrounding areas of West London in 1958.



Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and rich regions in Italy. It is well known for gorgeous landscapes and high culture. Travellers can admire medieval towns, the Renaissance art but also wine from the Chianti region and typical tuscan dishes. read full article



Zurich is a fantastic city for visitors and worth a special trip, although many find themselves simply passing through since it is also the main logistical hub of Switzerland. This is a short guide to the main attractions of Zurich that can form the basis of a short visit or be expanded upon for rewarding longer stays.

Zurich Night Panorama



Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, has repeatedly been recognised as one of the cities with the best quality of life. Bright, cosmopolitan and environmentally friendly (the water in the inner harbour is so clean it can be swum in) the city is a safe and popular destination for families.

Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens with Family



The capital of Belgium is the city of Brussels, completely surrounded by Flanders (Dutch- speaking) and considered by many to also be the capital of the EU or European Union. Brussels is the crossroads of European culture as well, with the Germanic being to the north and the Romance (French) in the south. It is no wonder that Brussels is considered to be the archetypal “melting pot” of Europe due to the significant role the city plays on the European continent. The current population is 1 million while the greater area is over 2 million.

Brussels Art Nouveau



Great Keppel Island

Spoiling visitors with its unbridled natural beauty, Great Keppel Island is the largest of the eighteen islands in the Keppel Group that sit off of the Queensland coastline. The island is a proverbial paradise, rife with lush coral gardens, cool blue… read full article



For those of you who have never visited Tennessee and are trying to decide on what to see and do, you are going to find this a challenging task as the state is filled with numerous attractions and scenic wonders.



Think: surfing, gorgeous sunsets, convertibles, yoga on the beach, big waves, year-round sunshine, Prada sunglasses… that is what you will find along the stunning California coast! As a native Californian, I can say with utter confidence that the following six beaches are the most beautiful and offer the most breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline! Enjoy the glorious “Golden State!”



Goa is the hub of tourism in western India and was originally a Portuguese colony. The architecture and culture still depict Portugal’s influence in the region as it is blended with that of India. read full article



Hong Kong is one of the most ideal places to see where a complex history and interwoven cultures have created one of the truly great modern cities of the world. Visitors can be overwhelmed by the culture and society before they have even seen any of the sights, especially on a short visit. But here are some that visitors should definitely see, no matter how great their culture shock.



Northern India’s largest city is Delhi and the capital is that part of the city known as New Delhi. If you’re contemplating a vacation in Delhi and you have never visited there before, here are a few suggestions about the customs of the country, getting around, staying safe, and a few things you should definitely see while exploring the city.



Ask anyone about Hawaii and they will all say one thing: Paradise! Even before when Hawaii became the United States of America’s 50th state in 1959, the chain of islands possesses a truly unique charm all of its own. From white-sand scenic beaches with pristine and crystal-clear waters, a comfortable tropical climate, to friendly locals; Hawaii can really be compared to a slice of heaven on Earth.



Many people know that Yellowstone National Park was the first such park in the world, and almost everyone knows about the majestic beauty of the park. It seems that fewer people are aware of just how big the park is and how far away from major cities and airports it is.



The primary feature of the Isle of Cyprus is the fact that its climate is literally perfect 320 days out of the entire year. Basically, there is only about a month and a half during the year where you wouldn’t want to visit there. One of the peak tourist periods is December through February because you would never know you were in the throes of winter there as possibly compared to where you may be living.

Kourion archaeological site in Cyprus