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There are a lot of reasons that international travelers visit Vienna. Vienna is not only Austria’s capital, it is the country’s largest city. The city is known for being Austria’s cultural, economic, and political center but for the international traveler it’s the architecture, art, cross-cultures, and history that hold the allure for the tourist. And let’s not forget the cuisine.

Decemberists in Vienna



Italy’s southern region of Campania is rich in both history and beauty and one of the most breathtaking drives is La Costiera Amalfitana, The Amalfi Drive. I am sad to see this series come to an end because the inspiration of this scenic road is endless.

Cetara Panorama



There are two undeniable things about the Bahamas. The first is that the island chain represents possibly the global pinnacle of luxurious holiday making in beautiful surroundings.

Bahamas sunny beachPhoto by Vagabond Shutterbug

The second is that this comes at a price, often a fantastically high price that makes the islands the preserve of the rich and glamorous. read full article



Christmas in Copenhagen is incomplete without a visit to the Christmas Markets. Ask any Dane and they will confirm it too. There are many markets that are open during Christmas.

Copenhagen Christmas Markets

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the venue for Copenhagen’s most well known Annual Christmas Market. This also happens to be one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. It opens ever year in the middle of November up to the end of December. Tivoli is close to a good number of hotels and is easily accessible by public transport. read full article



Amsterdam De Kas Restaurant

Photo by Iwannagothere

1. The De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam.

On a visit to Amsterdam you obviously don’t want to miss the Canals or the Anne Frank House, but for your culinary imagination try not to miss the inspiring De Kas Restaurant. The De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam is one of the most contemporary and exquisite gastro experiences that you will enjoy. It´s not simply a plain restaurant because it also boasts its own vegetable gardens. That means that the carrots you taste in the big dining room have just been collected a few meters from you. A real luxury. read full article



The German Christmas markets, an annual affair, open in the end of November and lasts until the end of 4-week long Advent. Choral music wafts through the nippy air of the winter until the last day of the market. A Christmas market, a street market originated in Germany, recreates the nativity scenes, and sells ornamentations for Christmas tree, traditional food, local arts and crafts, gifts and souvenirs, to name but a few.

germany christmas market

The “Christmas Magic” Market (WeihnachtsZauber) on Gendarmenmarkt square in Berlin, one of the best Christmas markets in Berlin, showcases works of different genres such as stone and wood sculpture, carpentry, photography and painting. Visitors can watch artisans at work and buy handmade goods. It hosts fire swallowing, acrobatics, juggling, dance, and choral and classical music shows all 38 days to entertain the public. The market serves traditional cuisine, gourmet food, seasonal delicacies and exquisite snacks to reenergize visitors spent after browsing through the stalls. read full article



Ice skating is one of the most popular wintertime activities in Helsinki. Skating in Helsinki is easy and fun, as most of the ice skating rinks in Helsinki are free or very cheap. As well as the free and low-cost local ice skating rinks, you can try skating in the Helsinki Ice Park on the Railway Station square (right by the main train station).

helsinki ice skating

The Helsinki Ice Park

The centrally located Ice Park has been an annual event in Helsinki ever since 2006. The Ice Park takes over the railway station square in late November and stays open until March. The €5 ticket (or €2 for kids) gives you access to the ice for a whole day. Skates can be hired and if you have never skated before, skating lessons are offered too. You can even borrow a helmet for the kids (for free). The Ice Park also has a café for hot drinks and snacks. read full article



My first ski holiday was at the tender age of 9, and I was hooked from the off. Generally speaking, when I am on a ski holiday I am at my happiest. Undoubtedly, the actual skiing and snowboarding play a big part in plastering a smile across my face, but there is so much more to it than that. For me, skiing is about spending quality time eating, drinking and generally making merry with friends and family, exploring an awe-inspiring natural landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see, and of course there is a bit of exhilarating sport thrown in for good measure!

 Ski Resorts  in FrancePhoto: Walter Bibikow/The Image Bank/Getty Images



From Europe’s biggest freestyle snowboarding open to an ice climbing festival and an international sled dog race, here are top five winter sports events in Switzerland this season.
Sledge Dog Races in Switzerland

Image by lahiu



Are you planning to visit Florence in Italy, the cradle of the renaissance? Ponte Vecchio is one of the biggest Florentine attractions which you cannot miss. Find out more about its history before your travel.

florence: ponte vecchio

Ponte Vecchio means in Italian “old bridge”. The bridge is the oldest and most famous of six Florence’s bridges over the Arno river. There are actually buildings on this medieval bridge which, since the 15th century, are occupied by jewelery shops. In the center of the bridge there are two panoramatic terraces facing both up and down the river. These offer a splendid view over the Arno. The bridge is mentioned in the famous aria “O mio Babbino Caro” from the Opera “Gianni Schiacchi“, by Giacomo Puccini. read full article



Naples is synonymous with presepe or Nativity scenes. From the big cathedrals to public squares right down to the small houses – there’s hardly any place where you wouldn’t find one! Setting up a nativity scene is a source of great pride for these Italians and is an art that is passed on from generation to generation. The nativity scene is said to have been first created by St Francis of Assisi in 1223 when he conducted a Christmas mass in the town of Greccio. It is usually set up around December 8th and continues right up to epiphany on January 6th.

naples in christmas market
Photo by House Of Sims



Whether you are just out of the closet or have been openly gay your entire life, one thing that gets tricky for everyone is how to plan a gay vacation that meets your needs. Although gay travel and straight travel are very similar, there are a few things that you need to think about before you look at booking your next trip. With a huge variety of gay vacations out there, it is important to find one that meets your needs.

Plan Your Vacation



Langkawi is a 99-island archipelago situated off the northwestern shores of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. It is oftentimes referred to as “the Jewel of Kedah”, and is one of the most targeted tourist coastal destinations in this part of the world.

nightlife in langkawi
It is known for a nightlife that is almost a contradiction in terms in that it is lively and yet so relaxing because of the fact that so many of the popular nightlife venues are located in and around the numerous beach resorts that dot the entire coastline. read full article



A visit to the 8th arrondissement of Paris will unfold a world of tempting luxury that we dream of. The arrondissement, an administrative unit located on the River Seine’s right bank, comprises seven ward councils: Hoche Friedland, Parc Moceau, Mairie, Europe, Saint-Philippe du Roule, Elysees-Madeleine and Triangle d’or. These councils house an assortment of world-class churches, memorials, museums and other magnificent attractions, and posh hotels, markets, residential structures and restaurants. However, a Paris itinerary will not be complete without the following landmarks:

paris 8th arrondissement

The Monceau, one of the most picturesque parks in Paris, is a treasure trove of beautiful trees, including Corsican pine, honey locust America, maple, Judas, silver lime, sycamore and tulip. read full article



If you’re looking to take your next trip up a notch while keeping costs down, winter 2010 is the perfect time to go. With the global economy going south the last few years, the hardest hit sector in the travel industry has been the luxury market. Rates for 4- and 5-star hotels reached historic lows in 2009, and it’s continuing throughout 2010 and even to 2011. Las Vegas Luxury Hotel