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The heady aroma of spices, street food and perfume mingle with the sounds of storytellers, dancers and musicians to tell the story of the magical city, Marrakesh. Immortalized in song, poetry and prose, the city is said to hold the spirit of Morocco. The Red City of Morocco beckons to the global traveller to experience the sights and sounds of the Imperial City of West Africa.



Come April and the tulip fields of the Netherlands are a riot of colour. A visit to the tulip fields during this time of year is an experience never to be forgotten. The fields just outside Amsterdam turn from sandy brown into a sea of pink, red, orange and yellow and the sight is breathtaking.



Brussels, Belgium’s capital city and its largest urban area, is a city to be explored on foot and preferably with a map in hand, in case you lose your way and have to ask for directions. This city has been around since the 14th century and historical buildings line its streets alongside today’s high-rise modern structures.If you are in Brussels for a day there is plenty you can do to cover the city without getting the feeling of having rushed through it all. Here are some of the sights to see, places to eat and things you must do in Brussels.



Home to the great Champagne houses of the world, this quiet town shares its name with the best sparkling wine ever made. The region’s celebrated vineyards produce the finest grapes in all of France, and as many will swear to, the whole world. Yet, this picturesque town, with medieval chateaus and villages nestled in virgin Mediterranean forest, is far more than the wine that has made its name famous. The region of Champagne is said to be a representation of the nobility and elegance of France’s natural beauty, culture, art, architecture, religion and importantly, its food and wine.



A number of tourists today take health and wellness vacations where they book reservations at spa resorts domestically and internationally. They have numerous choices to select from. Some go for hot springs or mud baths while others prefer facials or therapeutic massage. One way are the other, there are numerous options. One of the latest health and wellness crazes is beer spa therapy which is extremely popular in Austria and Germany as well as the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, beer spa therapy dates back to the days of ancient Rome.



The European weekend city break market is quite congested, Western European destinations have to work hard to avoid being undercut by cheaper cities to the East and everywhere is struggling in light of the ongoing economic uncertainty across the continent. Bucking this trend, however, is Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has a year round temperate climate and can compete on price with almost anywhere else in Europe. This is a brief guide to spending 48 hours in Lisbon.

Lisbon Portugal



All Roads Lead to Rome

Seven Wonders of the World Infographic

Summer is here and at, we’ve got our minds thinking about holiday getaways. How about a trip to each of the New Seven Wonders of the World? To make things even more interesting, how about taking that trip by bicycle? We have everything already planned out, including how much water you would need to drink and how many total calories you would burn. We’ve also listed some facts about each world wonder on the map above and included some extra facts on the list below. So grab your bicycle and get ready to ride!

Check out the infographic: A Crazy Bicycle Trip Across the 7 World Wonders: All Roads Lead to Rome!



The sprawling city of Athens is best known for the 7 historical hills of the city (there are a total of 12) and the three mountains that encompass the city on all but one side. Aside from being the capital city, it is also recognized as being the birthplace of Western Civilization as well as classical Greece. However, if there is one thing that Greeks are well known for it’s that they love socializing and don’t always rely on having to have a special occasion to do so.

Athens Greece Night



Pick a weekend

It isn’t as simple as you’d initially think. Sure, you could book it blindly, but remember that unique cultural celebrations happen all across the continent all the time. And it’s important to be aware of that, and make your timing decision based on catching that holiday, or avoiding the additional headache it may introduce via limited public transportation, completely booked hostels and other unforeseen complications. At the same time though, catching Carnevale in Venice, and the Tomatina in Bunyol are absolutely unforgettable experiences. So be sure to look into that before you book your flights or trains. Here are some suggestions for travel destinations.

Europe Train



Situated near eastern Spain’s Iberian coastline is the western Mediterranean archipelago known as the Balearic Islands. The four favorite destinations of the island group are Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca, and Menorca. Aside from the diverse cuisine, culture, history, and landscape of the islands, it is the climate and the beaches that attract international visitors as well as those from Spain. Here are our choices for the top 5 unspoiled beaches in the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza Spain Beach



Budapest is Hungary’s capital and largest city with a population in excess of 1.7 million residents. Additionally, it is Hungary’s principal cultural, commercial, industrial, political, and transportation center and covers an area of roughly 525 square miles. Based on the culture and history of the city, it is oftentimes regarded as one of the most target tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. However, the primary allure is the beautiful Danube River as it gracefully meanders its way through the city.

Budapest Hungary Castle



Milan is Italy’s largest city (Rome is the largest) and by far the financial hub of the country. Despite the destruction and devastation of World War II that impacted the city as terribly as it did, Milan has evolved into one of the more beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in Italy. The city today targets the lifestyle of those tourists who want to experience worldly international pleasures when vacationing outside of their home country. It is a paradise for tourists who love art, culture, cuisine, football (soccer) history, and most importantly, the nightlife.

Milan Italy Duomo



Sumptuous ambience of some hotels tells stories that guests cherish forever. Jays Paris, Hotel Luxembourg Parc, Hotel des Academies et des Arts, One by The Five and Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris belong to the same league. All the five upscale hotels, located close to one or the other famous landmark of Paris, France, host uber the rich. A fine collection of work of arts, antique furniture and tapestries, and state-of-the-art gizmos complement contemporary designs. However, natural light-filled bathrooms and regal bedrooms are privilege of travelers with very deep pockets only.Paris France Notre Dame



The capital city of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, derives its name from ‘Dubh Linn’ which means ‘Black Pool’. Founded originally as a Viking settlement, Dublin is a city brimming with history, culture and a whole lot of fun. A weekend in Dublin will offer you plenty to see and do.

Dublin Ireland Castle



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