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Paris, also known as “The City of Light” has become one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit not only for its excellent array of cuisine (where do you think the word gastronomy comes from?) but is renowned for its wealth of culture and stunning architecture from the Louvre to Place des Vosges.

Paris St Germain



Istanbul is one of the most visually-appealing metropolitan cities of the world. Rows of mosques have been constructed throughout the city, but these three really caught my eye and piqued my interest. While they all are beautiful pieces of architecture and popular tourist attractions, they are also houses of worship for many, so it is wise to be culturally-vigilant and cover up before entering.




The London Borough of Camden is one of several that comprise the central part of the city.  In addition to the borough, there is also Camden Town which is an inner city district of it and the central neighborhood as well.  Always a popular destination for both locals and vacationers, the borough and Camden Town are rich in history as well as entertainment venues worth attending.  This is especially the case if you’re a fan of music as it is the site of London’s Camden Crawl.

Camden Crawl in London



Norway’s capital city is Oslo and is also the largest city in the country. For many summer vacationers, it is a popular tourist destination because the climate is mildly warm and there is much to see and do when visiting this historical Scandinavian city. Another characteristic of Oslo is that it is one of the most kid-friendly destinations in the world. Consequently, many families will vacation here during the summer months when school is not in session.

Oslo for Kids



If you’re planning a vacation to Nepal, you will most likely visit Kathmandu and do some exploring in the Katmandu Valley. The city is the country’s capital and was once thought to be the fabled and mysterious Shangri-La. In recent decades, urban growth in Kathmandu has been phenomenal and it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in this part of the world. As the country’s largest city, it is now a hub for international travelers and tourists with all types of budgets.

Attractions in KathmanduPhoto by eriktoner



One of the joys of Marrakech is soaking up the atmosphere of the Souks, the markets and bazaars that spring up across the city where almost anything can be bought or bargained for. Always remember that haggling is expected and almost required and that if you are a foreigner you will end up paying higher prices than the locals, but try not to let obsessive bargain hunting get in the way of your enjoyment.

Marrakech markets

The main street market in Marrakeck is Souk located next to the Place Djemaa El-Fna. This is the largest, most diverse but also the most aggressive of Marrakech’s street markets. It is a great place to start your Moroccan shopping experience and get a feel for what’s on offer and at what prices. read full article



As a traveler, I make it to a point to look and shop around if ever I find myself in a foreign place. I’m the sort of tourist who loves going around places while immersing myself to the new experience. I would walk around town as if I’m a local, if possible meet new people, and buy something significant which would best describe the new place I’m at.

street markets

One of my dream destinations is Milan in Italy. And what’s in Milan if you might ask? Not only is it the second largest city in the whole of Europe, nor is it the fashion capital of the world; Milan has a warm and accommodating atmosphere which can be experienced on the city’s rows upon rows of street markets which caters almost everything! From antique souvenirs, designer clothes, and fresh produce, the street markets in Milan will surely never fail to surprise even the most experienced shoppers. Want to know more what’s in store for you at Milan’s street markets? Read on! read full article



Prague takes its beer seriously, very seriously indeed. This makes it a heaven for connoisseurs who will want to avoid the tourist trap pubs selling mass produced and often imported beer and head straight for the real thing.


The U černého vola, or ‘At the Black Ox’, is a great little place near the Castle and so convenient for sightseeing. It serves Kozel beer and great food in a friendly atmosphere, although the ratio of locals to tourists is falling. read full article



This winter, skate under wintry sky of Oslo to energize and burn the extra calories consumed during winter. The Norwegian city offers indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks that welcome both amateurs and professionals. Ice skating is not a ho-hum physical exercise. It provides a chance to enjoy and relax with entire family on a dull cold day. If the idea of skating scares you, join audience at the rinks hosting ice skating competitions and events.

ice skating

Narvisen Skating Rink, located in the heart of Oslo, welcomes everyone. The rink in Spikersuppa remains open between 11 am and 9 pm on all days. Entry to the rink, which opens from December to March, is complimentary for everyone. read full article



The 61st Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale), an 11-day film industry event, will start on February 10, 2011 in Berlin. This cultural event boasts the largest film festival audience in the world. The event will draw film lovers, film professionals, filmmakers and media community from across the world.

Berlinale 2011



Literature can be a great way to get a sense of the atmosphere of a place before you travel, or remind yourself of the good times once you return home. Here is an entirely subjective list of novels that, for me, best capture the character of the countries of Western Europe.

travel books

The Sun Also Rises is thought by some critics to be Ernest Hemingway’s greatest work, even though it was his first novel. The book is set in the aftermath of World War I and is narrated by a journalist living in Paris, although the central characters later travel to Pamplona in Spain. read full article



With Valentine’s Day coming up, here is a rundown of the romantic destinations that lovers of all ages may want to consider for the special day.

romantice destinations

Paris is a city so closely associated with romance that it risks becoming a parody of itself. Unscrupulous hoteliers and restaurateurs in the city do their best to help this by raising prices through the roof for a week either side of the 14th February. However, Paris has the reputation it does because it is a very romantic city. Visitors are likely to have a break they will remember for the rest of their lives while the disadvantages will very quickly fade from memory. read full article



Berlin is one huge historical site. This city has seen it all, and the grand events which took place here have left powerful marks. Reminders of the second world war are everywhere, such as the still visible holes in the walls – results of machine gun fire – or the empty lots scattering the city centre, where houses were once bombed away in the Allied air raids in search of snipers.

Berlin Historical SitesPhoto: Getty Images

An ever-present piece of history is naturally the Berlin Wall. It pops up every here and there, but perhaps the most visited location to have a look at this once so dreaded piece of concrete is the East Side Gallery, which runs along the bank of the river Spree between areas



For centuries Russia has respected and nurtured talents in fields often ignored in the West, especially in the area of ‘high culture’. One of the few good things about the Soviet Union was the way that it opened such aristocratic leisure pursuits as opera and ballet to mass audiences and this is why today, Russia is such a leading critical success in the field.


The first stop for any ‘culture vulture’ should be the Bolshoi Theatre. Visitors can go in and admire the sumptuous architecture at any time but seeing a production here is a must. read full article



Latvia is a very popular tourist destination, especially for those individuals who are looking for a great winter skiing holiday or vacation experience. The ski season in Latvia starts in December and concludes in April.

Latvia: ski resort

Currently, there are 19 different ski resorts in Latvia, all of which offer great cross-country skiing opportunities. Because the counrty lacks in speed slopes the opportunities for downhill skiing are few. However, there is sufficient terrain to accommodate anyone that loves to ski, whether a beginner or an advanced skier. Moreover, most ski resorts in Latvia offer nice accommodations and ski tutelage. read full article