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Ever wondered what it feels to bask in exotic beaches under the comforting sun and the scintillating breeze? Well, that can be a reality if you can make your way to some of the best exotic beaches on Elba island. The following are some of the top beaches in the island.

a beach on Elba Island, Italy



Here’s our brand new service: local guides! This is the best way to discover exceptional places through the eyes of local people, without getting caught in tourist traps. Read on and your curiosity will be satisfied!

typical italian dance form Lecce



Ever found yourself in etiquette trouble before? If so, read on!

How to give tips in the United States



Are you looking for the best places to eat and stay in Paris? read on…

Bars and bistro in Paris, France(photo by Hotel du Vin & Bistro) read full article



Traveling abroad is only scary if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

6) Digital CameraReflex



If you are golfing enthusiast then read on!

Roman rests Nimes, France(photo by jean-louis zimmermann)



Ensuring your vacation is enjoyable and affordable is much easier when you know how to save on travel bank fees. Read on!

Tips to avoid bank fees when travelling abroad



Run away from the hustle bustle of city life and enjoy your beach holidays with glamour! Find out which are the most beautiful beaches in France and Corsica right away.

Surf in Biarritz, France(photo by Alberto Cabrera) read full article



Have you ever considered taking a nature vacation in a jungle resort? Then read on.

Jungle resorts in Africa(photo by HBarrison) read full article



Want to successfully travel with just a few things? The following will teach you how to travel with only a carry-on and still have the items that you will want and need.

how to choice the right travel bag(photo by <a title="How to travel with only a carry-on" read full article



Having trouble finding cheap flights fast? Do not worry; we have some quick ideas to help you catch that flight without spending a fortune.

How to find cheap flights



Do you want to break up the monotony of hotel life with something a little bit different? We may just have something for you…

Igloo hotel in Montréal, Canada(photo by Hobbes vs Boyle)



It’s often overlooked until the last minute, but travel clothing is a very important part of the whole trip: read this post if you want to know how to pack your suitcase well!

how to pack your suitcase



Backpacking holidays are increasingly popular with money conscious adventurers, but what are the top backpacking destinations in the world? Here’s our quick guide to six of the best.

Temple in Burma(photo by eGuide Travel)



Are you looking for an amazing, scenic break in New York skyscraper Hotels? Well read on…

Millenniunm Broadway New York hotel