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If you have been to Italy or eaten at a restaurant that served authentic Italian food including desserts, you may have had gelato and assumed it was just a type of Italian ice-cream. The truth is, gelato and ice-cream are two different things altogether!

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All of us here at Venere have a lot to celebrate. offers 20 years of expertise. Read about a few highlights from our journey!

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There’s a ton to see in Bucharest; after all, the city is more than 500 years old. As such, first-time visitors should not fly in blindly, so to speak. Here’s some helpful information about Bucharest for beginners.

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Trust me, whether you’ve been or not, Spain isn’t a tourist trap, and there are plenty places in Spain off the beaten path. Do you want to avoid the crowds yet still see Spain? Visit these five incredible places.

Best cities to see in Spain



There is so much to do in Prague that I simply cannot list it all. I can, however, tell you about some of the biggest and best perks of visiting Prague, Czech Republic!

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What attractions should you see? All of them! But here are seven that you cannot miss no matter what.

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To see how this Italian city is nested up the volcanic cliffs is worth the visit itself. The beauty, architecture, and food and wine are just icing on the Italian cake.

What to see in Orvieto, Italy



When you think of drinking in Italy, craft beer doesn’t normally spring to mind but over the past few years Rome has seen an explosion of bars selling birra artigianale (“artisanal beer”).

Best craft beer bars in Rome



Slovenia is home to everything from the glorious Alps to Mediterranean beaches. You can do it all in Slovenia! Sit back and let me tell you why you should go to Slovenia.

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Summer is the perfect time for ‘spreading your wings’ not to mention bringing back home the coolest souvenirs. Of course, nowadays, you can get almost everything in the country. But it may not be the most authentic or best stuff! Here are the 12 Best Places to Buy Souvenirs This Summer:

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Isle of Wight Festival is one of the most iconic and historic music events in the world that is steeped in history. Touted as the UK’s very own edition of Woodstock, this festival attracts millions of free-spirited music lovers from across the world.

Isle of Wight Fest 2014



The Hungarians are known for two things: hospitality and some rocking cuisine! I’m quite certain if you are hungry in Hungary, you’ll find the best food no matter where you go.

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What makes London a foodie heaven? Well, how about fish and chips, traditional English dishes you’d only think of eating while overseas, and some really fantastic and rowdy pubs to grab a pint to wash all that food down?

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Hungary is filled with mountains, forests, and flatlands worth traversing on foot. The country has countless hiking trails plainly marked and set aside for adventurers looking for an active vacation. Let’s go hiking! You ready?

where to hike in Hungary



Barcelona is Spain’s most popular tourist destination. It is also the third most visited city in Europe – taking a backseat to only London and Paris – and the tenth most visited city in the world. What makes this Catalan city so special?

The Sagrada Familia from the inside