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Why is Thessaloniki the best Greek city you’ve never been to? Here’s why!

best greek city



A trip to the gorgeous coastal city of Jesolo provides the perfect dose of sea, sunshine and Italian charm. Lovely spot for tourists, the town is a popular destination for holidaymakers – do you want to know why? Read on!

Jesolo at sunrise



Sightseeing Sicily will show you a glorious land filled with friendly people and plenty of action… Wanna know more? Then read on!

what to see in Sicily



The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the best beaches in world. Here are some of the best ones from which to choose, broken down by country.

best beaches in the mediterranean



Calabria is a wonderful place to visit and it’s very hard to put into words just how much it has to offer. It is located in the southern part of Italy and it’s lapped by the crystal turquoise waters of both the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas. Here are our 10 reasons why you should visit Calabria!

what to see in calabria



Tasmania is a beautiful island located to the south east of Australia. It is often ignored by foreign visitors on their rush to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback and Sydney Harbour, but it has many places worthy of a visit during your Australian adventure. Here are some of my favourite…

things to see in Tasmania



You should definitely visit the Riviera while in Albania, but I’m a firm believer that many places off the beaten path rival the popular sites. For example…

what to see in Albania



Greece plays host to a number of the most scenic and picturesque beaches in the world. Each island offers a lot of beaches so here are 4 top choices.

best beaches in Greece



Trust me, whether you’ve been or not, Spain isn’t a tourist trap, and there are plenty places in Spain off the beaten path. Do you want to avoid the crowds yet still see Spain? Visit these five incredible places.

Best cities to see in Spain



A relatively undiscovered treasure in Italy, Maremma is one of the most stunningly picturesque destinations in the country. Filled with pristine beaches, castled medieval villages, sunflower-flooded fields and untouched wilderness, this remarkable Tuscan area promises soul-stirring moments of your lifetime.

what to do in Tuscany



Honeymoons are so special and a time for you and your spouse to relax, unwind and enjoy each other. Choosing the right location and hotel will ensure your honeymoon is unforgettable.

honeymoon destinations



What attractions should you see? All of them! But here are seven that you cannot miss no matter what.

what to see in Athens



Many people flock to Asia to enjoy beautiful beaches. One of Asia’s most beautiful beaches is the stunning White Beach on the tiny island of Boracay.

White beach Philippines



Crete has a few cultural gems of its own. Poetry and music are specialties found in its culture. Let’s travel to Greece and explore the wonders of Crete.

what to see in Crete



Water slides are beyond fun, adrenaline fueled and a way to release the inner adventurer. If you dare to try one, look at the 7 most outrageous of the world!

most exciting water slides of the world