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What are the five places with the clearest waters? Read more to find out!

5 clearest water beaches



Looking to jet set for a daybreak somewhere in Europe? Then look no further than Vienna, the capital city of Austria located in the heart of Europe surrounded by the beautifully scenic Alps. As a bustling capital city with over 2 million inhabitants, you sure won’t run out of things to do and see!




Brussels, Belgium’s capital city and its largest urban area, is a city to be explored on foot and preferably with a map in hand, in case you lose your way and have to ask for directions. This city has been around since the 14th century and historical buildings line its streets alongside today’s high-rise modern structures.If you are in Brussels for a day there is plenty you can do to cover the city without getting the feeling of having rushed through it all. Here are some of the sights to see, places to eat and things you must do in Brussels.



Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the German region of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in Germany. The city has a rich history since the Roman times but it was heavily damaged in World War II. The old town of Frankfurt, the biggest old Gothic town of Central Europe, was destroyed by six bombardments of the Allied Forces.

Frankfurt Attractions



Housing many sight-seeing spots and brimming with celebrated cuisine, Athens spoils the tourists with its wide choices. A single day in Athens is practically not sufficient to explore the city; however, once you get a chance, you will never want to miss the highlights.

athens attractions

I started an exciting day in Athens quite early on, watching the beautiful sunrise behind the Athens Marble Stadium, best known to be where the famous Olympic Games were revived. A relaxed stroll under the enchanting tree line was a perfect start to the eventful day ahead. read full article



Prague is a central city of Europe and therefore a “must-have” addition to any European city hop journey.
2 days in prague
Though it is an amazing city where most visitors are foreign students who like to spend half a year on location to fully explore the city, Prague is relatively concentrated in size and it is possible to cram its highlights in a 48-hour venture into the old bohemian capital. read full article



Budapest, unlike its neighbours Prague and Vienna, has succumbed less to the ravages of tourism since the advent of low-cost airlines but this is slowly changing. It is also creeping more and more onto the itineraries of backpacking inter-railers and so Budapest is generally having its profile lifted within European tourism. This is a good thing generally, although it will also inevitable change the face of the city in the long term.



This article has been quite hard to write as some of the most attractive things about Prague are rather more esoteric than a simple list allows. However, here are my top five and I would be interesting to hear what other people have on their list of top five things to see in Prague.

Prague Charles Bridge



Berlin, often referred to as a “poor, but sexy” city is the political and cultural capital of Germany. Although it attracts a steady stream of artists, writers, and intellectuals, there is something for all tastes, interests, and budgets.



Copenhagen may lack the instantly recognisable iconic sights that define so many global cities, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Visitors to many countries nowadays spend their time traipsing from one photo opportunity to another and leave little time to get to know the feel of the city around them. This is not the case in Copenhagen. read full article



Naples is city the exudes vivacity, from its colorful and crowded streets to its lively local traditions.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit, here is a list of the top 5 things not to be… read full article



Let’s get the word wonderful out the way first of all so as to avoid cliché. It’s very hard not to say wonderful though because Copenhagen really is a wonderful, exciting and unspoilt city.

48 Hours in Copenhagen: Day 1

Try… read full article



The scenario could be that Crazy Aunt Polly is on a Grand Tour of Europe and, remembering you’ve just arrived in Turin, Italy for your studies abroad, emails you to say that she’ll stop by on her way to Venice. Or perhaps George, an old… read full article



Since Frankfurt, Germany is one of the main air travel hubs of Europe many travellers will find themselves here at some point, whether they intended to or not. Some will be connecting straight out again while others will have time to kill.

This need not… read full article



I have recently met a really great guy from Seattle: he listens to great music, has a great taste in wine, and shares my love to travel to other great cities in Italy. As I write this I’m listening to some great music that I got from… read full article