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They say books make you travel everywhere, and this is true for me, but some books more than others had make me longing for places around the world. Some of them I have already visited, other maybe I’ll never do, but they are all places I have felt very close to while reading about them!… read full article



There are so many reasons why learning to surf this summer is a great idea. Besides from having loads of fun, you’ll increase your fitness levels, tap into your inner child and relieve pent up stress. And you’ll get to travel to some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

surf lessons



There are thousands of beautiful temples in China, but how far would you go to experience one? Taking hiking to a new extreme, the Huashan Teahouse on one of the five peaks that make up Mt Huashan requires you to literally dance with death to get to it — one false move and you’re in trouble.

dangerous hiking trails in China



This astoundingly beautiful country has a ton to offer its visitors. Go beyond this great city’s limits to experience as much of Ireland as possible.

Visit Ireland



Combining the rush of fast speeds and dramatic heights, roller coasters are some of the most exciting attractions around the world. Here are 25 among the highest and fastest coasters!

World's fastest coaster



Many people associate Romania with cold, dreary weather, vampires, and horror stories. Nothing could be further from the truth! this member of the European Union is a glorious natural, historic, and cultural gem.

Castles in Romania



Croatia is a land of natural and architectural beauty!

what to see in Croatia



Travelling can be difficult for people of all ages, particularly when it comes time for bed and the feeling of tiredness suddenly leaves our bodies. Following a few simple tips can help travelers get to sleep and stay asleep all night.

tips for sleeping well



Stonehenge is a definite must-do day trip from London!

Day trips from London



Your cliff walk is just three cable car rides away!

cliff walking



If you’re in the mood for travelling then read on. As the old saying goes “travelling broadens the mind” as well as adding to life’s experiences. Many people catch the travelling bug, it’s exciting and rewarding. Here are three people who have travelled the world.

most travelled people



Whether you are a photographer, a foodie lover, nature lover, or just an individual seeking some adventures, Iceland provides the best escape for any holiday lover. Read on to find out why Iceland is so cool!

Iceland in winter



If like me you love the Halloween season, there’s no more magical place to be than Salem, Massachusetts. Despite its infamous witch trials, Salem has reinvented itself and is now an open-minded place to celebrate all things supernatural, hosting a huge ‘Festival of the Dead’ throughout October.

Salem, MA



India is a country diverse, immense and endlessly fascinating. It has long held a ranking position on my list of must-see destinations, and so it was in October 2012 I travelled to the country with a travel worn backpack, a visa valid for 3 months and vague plans of seeing as much of the country as possible.

Temple in India



Most of us have seen the movie “The Shining”, but very few of us ever thought we would have the chance to stay in the real life Overlook Hotel from the movie and novel. Read on to discover more!

Hotel The Shining