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Top 7 Walking Tours of London

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The Guildhall is a famous piece of Medieval London architecture seen on many walking tours.

Walking tours in London(Photo By: Ravi)

Top 7 Walking Tours of London

I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to see any city is to walk it! Walking tours give you a chance to see things from a better perspective than trying to view and snap photos from a moving vehicle. London has some amazing sights. This two-millennia-old European capital is built on land rich with history that includes the Romans and British monarchy. Within London, you will find architecture dating back centuries and museums housing art and archeological finds of equal age. I discussed many of London’s fine museums in my previous post 11 Incredible Museums in London. Now let’s find out how you can get to many other precious London finds on foot … put on your comfy walking shoes!

1. The Archaeology of Roman London Walking Tour

Since I’ve talked about some of the great finds in London’s museums previously, let’s talk about some of the archaeological work that discovered them! Guided by a former Museum of London archaeologist , the Archaeology of Roman London walking tour guides you through London, Ancient Rome style! The Romans founded London and dubbed it “Londinium.” This Roman London tour will walk you through the remains of Ancient Londinium.

2. The Archaeology of Medieval London Walking Tour

Guided by the same Museum of London Archaeologist, the Archaeology of Medieval London walking tour will take you through London, Medieval style. The Medieval period was one of great influence and change in London. During this walking tour, you’ll see feats of medieval architecture, including London’s famous Guildhall and some other beautiful churches. You’ll also explore ruins and have an archaeologist right there to tell you exactly what you’re looking at.

3. The Artists’ Colony Walking Tour

After getting in some of the archaeological sites and architecture that have made London famous, take some time to explore another specialty of London, England, its art scene. The Artists’ Colony is located in London’s famous Chelsea district, and this walking tour will guide you through some of Chelsea’s most famous art galleries. You’ll also see homes of many famous Londoners, including Shaw’s Swan House and Boyce’s Queen Anne House.

4. Street Market Walking Tour

If you’re a street market fanatic, this is the walking tour for you! Head over to Notting Hill and check out the Golborne Road street market on Friday – the best day to go. Included in your adventure are antique shops and vendors, and Moroccan and Portuguese food to die for! Get there early to browse through the street vendor fare. After you’ve shopped ’til you’ve dropped at the street vendor booths, spend money at the permanent stores that line Golborne Road.

5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Walking Tour

Sherlock Holmes fans must indulge themselves by walking London via the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle walking tour. Walkers will sneak a peek into this legendary author’s life by touring some of his favorite romps. Included in the tour are visits to his various publishers; clubs and theatres where he wound down; the hotel of his wedding reception; and the areas where his life crossed paths with three other famous authors: J.M. Barrie, Henry Irving, and Bram Stoker!

6. “Bond, James Bond” Walking Tour

Perhaps you’re a bond fan, too. If so, after you’re done touring London from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s eyes, take the London tour Ian Fleming and his famous fictional secret agent would be proud of. Exploring London secret-agent style includes visiting Ian Fleming’s birthplace, and the clubs and shops he solicited. You’ll also walk around Mayfair and St. James, the areas of London that allegedly made the man we know today as “Bond, James Bond.”

7. Anarchy in the UK Walking Tour

The flipside of detectives and secret agents are the bad guys they pursue, so take a walk through a part of London where anarchists have flocked for over 100 years to have the freedom to be, well, anarchists! Wilfred Michael Voynich, a Russian anarchist fled to London in the 1880s to find famous anarchist comrade Stepniak. You’ll see where he and other serious criminals by the names of Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, and Stalin came to preach their message of anarchy.

These are just seven of the numerous London walking tours certain to show you shades of London you would never see on your own or by bus. Before taking any walking tour, take a few steps to ensure you have a wonderful time. Wear comfortable clothing and a good pair or walking shoes. Also, make certain to wear sunscreen and a hat. Keep yourself hydrated and fed so you have plenty of energy. Now, go on! Get out there and walk London!


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