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5 Works of Art to See in Rio de Janeiro

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Ever wondered why Rio de Janeiro is famous as a tourist attraction? Then you should read on. Formerly the capital, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil known for so many things, with the most attractive one being its incredible works of art. If you are wondering what art works would intrigue, then here are five works of art to see in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(photo by: Digo_Souza)

The Glass Labyrinth
If you are one of the people intrigued by works of art, then the Glass Labyrinth will blow off your mind. The Glass Labyrinth is one of the biggest art gallery seated in Rio de Janeiro’s historic center district of Cinelandia. This incredible innovation created by Robert Morris. As you visit Rio’s historic center, this great work of art will compel you to find your way through the glass maze.

The Clay Dome
A blend of imagination and creativity is the Clay Dome created by Andy Goldsworthy. The Clay Dome is an enormous, penetrable creation that provokes unusual sense of unfamiliarity, especially when observed from the exterior. The ephemerally created dome has a rounded shape and has unique intrigues.

The Giant Head
Do you want to stir your dreams? Then this giant sculpture made of marble dust and resin will be a spot for you. A Spanish sculptor, Juame Plensa, created the giant head and curving it took him up to four months. Dubbed “to see my dreams,” the Giant Head protrudes the waters at the Botafago beach in Rio de Janeiro. Indeed this is a place that will make you dream!

The Radar
A perfect installation that blends singular digital images with electronic sinewaves and white reflections projected into the Devil’s Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The Radar is an inspiring work of art that has audiovisual features and was created successfully by Ryoji Ikeda.

Finally, there are the 77 million paintings by Brian Eno. This is software consists of numerous original works with images saliently fading asynchronously, which gives a perfect wrapping of the 5 works of art to see in Rio de Janeiro. With these art sights, your visit will be nothing short of spectacular.


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  1. Gavin Smith says:
    June 20th, 2013 at 17:52

    I have never been to Rio de Janeiro and this post is very useful to people visiting the city first time.

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