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Top 5 travel articles for April 2008

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Check these five travel articles to make sure you haven’t missed any. They are the most popular posts on the Venere Travel Blog last month.

1. Charming Monastery Hotels

Splendid Provence hotels offering comfortable accommodation in historical landmark buildings. Housed in a a former church, abbey or monastery, these hotels in Provence are perfect for a relaxing vacation in the South of France.

2. Top Miami Beach Resorts

A selection of 5 Miami hotels to help you make your choice and book your next vacation in Miami Beach. Ideal for enjoying a hot summer holiday in Florida, these beach resorts are Venere’s best rated hotels in Miami.

3. Brunch in New York

New Yorker’s favorite cafés and restaurants for a yummy New York brunch. From trendy French restaurants to American traditional brunch cafés, find NY greatest places to enjoy a good brunch in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

4. Shopping in Amsterdam

Useful tips for shopping addicts planning a weekend break in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Following this short Amsterdam shopping guide, you will find good deals, dig out trendy clothes, and buy Dutch cheese and tulips in Amsterdam markets and shops!

5. Kid friendly attractions in Paris

A guide for parents planning a vacation in Paris with their kids. Check out this top 5 Paris children-friendly attractions and enjoy a great family holiday in France. Don’t miss this article if you’re visiting Paris with children!


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