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Tokyo Nightlife – What to Expect

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Tokyo nightlife can offer you the most electrifying and dynamic experiences in the world.

Tokyo NightlifeImage: micsalac

Enticing Venues for Night-time Ramblers – In this huge city, the most well-liked nightlife hangouts are drinking establishments, where most expats, office workers, tourists and students go to unwind. These areas comprise Western-style bars, widely located in Roppongi. There are also Japanese-type nomi-ya bars that dish up yakitori and other exquisite snacks. Live-music and dancing are also a favourite with many Tokyo residents. In the less sophisticated sectors there are sex shows, topless bars, erotic strip clubs and massage parlors, to be found mostly in places such as the Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho vicinity.

Hard to Beat Hostess Bars for Relax – For centuries now, hostess bars have been part of Japanese society. Self-styled hostess bars are found in all cities, and in Tokyo, they are mainly concentrated in Roppongi, Ginza, Shinjuku, and Akasaka. A typical scene will depict a young lady sitting at your table, serving drinks, being sympathetic and mainly encouraging you to buy more drinks. Although this can be relaxing and stress relieving, it can also turn out to be very costly. There have been reports of shadowy activities in bars in Roppongi. Women would drug men’s drinks and then rob them of their valuables as they become incapacitated. So be careful with your drinks.

Roppongi – Favourite Hotspot for Many – Night venues are found throughout the city with diverse ambiances, clientele and prices. Among the most celebrated are Roppongi, Ginza and Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku. Roppongi is a great spot for those in their twenties and thirties – although not exclusively. You will find numerous bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes for your enjoyment. Food, music and activities are imbued with an international flavor. A celebrated club is Gas Panic, where attractive girls frequently dance on the bar throughout the night. As you contemplate going to the many bars, clubs and discos, you must be aware of the infamous table charge that is levied on customers by some bars and cocktail lounges.

Young Japanese male and female are able to enjoy nightlife in Japan, but for the older generation century-old traditions steps in where men are dominant, especially those who are fortunate enough to afford the more high-end venues the likes of Geisha bars and elite V.I.P club houses.

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