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Tips for a weekend getaway

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Everybody needs to relax sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman or shop assistant. I’ve prepared some tips and tricks on how to arrange a weekend getaway to enjoy and relax for a few days before another week at work starts.

palms and beach

Weekend getaway type

If you wish to have a nice weekend trip, first you need to think about is the type of getaway that suits your needs. Think about your interests – do you relax the most when you go to spa or just lie down on the beach and read a book? Or do you need some mountains climbing or to do other sport to relax yourself? There are also weekend trips for history and art lovers. The important thing is to decide. You can’t do everything during one weekend.

Choose your destination

It doesn’t matter in what country do you live – nowadays even the flight tickets are very cheap when you book them in advance. Do you live in a country in Northern Europe or without a sea? No problem. It’s enough to visit one of the Southern Europe countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia or Greece. For a weekend getaway you can also stay in your country and just go out of the town or when you live in the countryside, visit one of the big cities.

Find the perfect time

As we are talking about weekend getaways, you might think that two days of relax are too less. But be clever and leave your office on Friday earlier and travel in the afternoon. Also a half day means a lot for a short time trip! Or have a look into a calender if there is a bank holiday on Friday or Monday in next weeks. With this trick your holiday can be one day longer.

Pack your suitcase smart

As you are travelling just for a few days, I am sure you don’t need all these tops, dresses and shoes! Think smart and pack just what you need. Think about outfits rather than pieces of clothes – beach outfit, dinner outfit, day outfit, sport outfit etc. You will see how much easier is packing your suitcase with this rule.

Think twice also when packing your cosmetics. Do you really need a body lotion? Are you sure you cannot survive 2-3 days without your hair balm? You can also buy a smaller packs of the shampoo and shower gel you use. And don’t forget to leave some space in your suitcase for what you buy on your shopping tour.

And if you already have decided where to got on your weekend getaway, check out our hotel deals! Have fun!

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