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6 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep While Traveling

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Travelling can be difficult for people of all ages, particularly when it comes time for bed and the feeling of tiredness suddenly leaves our bodies. Even when a long flight to a foreign land has been completed, like a trip to Tuscany Caravan Parks, Italy, jet lag or uncomfortable sleeping bags can make it difficult to sleep a full night without problems. Following a few simple tips can help travelers get to sleep and stay asleep all night.

tips for sleeping well(photo by: Sean and Lauren)

Begin the process of preparing to take a foreign trip a few days in advance of the first leg of a journey. Move back the time of regularly going to bed by a few minutes each night until the traveller is as close to the time in their final holiday destination as possible.

Relaxation is the key, professional sports teams now use their own bedding when traveling on long journeys so their players are relaxed and comfortable at bedtime. For most travelers taking a favourite pillow on a trip can help with getting to sleep quickly and easily. In the same ball park, taking a hot shower or bath before bed can make it easier to get to sleep as the body will be completely relaxed when bedtime finally comes.

The stresses of modern life can be found everywhere, even the television and mobile devices we use for entertainment can make it difficult to get to sleep at night. Travellers should turn off all devices and TV screens a full 30 minutes before trying to get to sleep, which can make a big difference in the time it takes an individual to finally get to sleep after a long trip or busy day on holiday.

Travelling is difficult on the mind and body, one of the major areas we are affected by when taking a holiday is overindulgence in both food and alcoholic drinks. Overindulgence can upset our bodies and minds, making it difficult to get to sleep each night.

Finally, the majority of us are creatures of habit. It is difficult enough trying to sleep in a strange environment without changing our bedtime routine, sticking as closely as possible to the activities completed each day will make it easier to get to sleep each and every night of a trip.


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