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Tipping in Italy

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Tipping is an old practice initiated by business customers whenever they receive exceptional levels of services in restaurants, supermarkets, or cabs. Tipping in Italy just like most parts across the globe is very much appreciated. As a tourist you are allowed to tip different hotel employees such as the housekeeper, concierge, or the porter. Even though there are several school of thoughts regarding tipping in Italy, none of these ideas reflects the local culture because the truth of the matter is that tipping is not mandatory in Italy.

Tipping in Italy(photo by: a colori)

Whenever touring different Italian hospitality settings it is advisable to take note that you do not need to tip workers, and even if you feel that you should leave something for the exceptional level of services that you have been provided with you can dish out some small amount of cash but don’t overcompensate because it may give a wrong message that you are a spendthrift, and also some members of staff may take advantage to overcharge or over-bill your services for that matter.

Whenever you visit Italy there are certain factors that you must take into consideration on how to approach your tipping. For instance, if the word “servizio” is indicated on your bill then definitely you are not required to leave anything extra because you are already being billed for that extra service. In Italy it is customary to give out a Euro or two but if you visit an exclusive restaurant or a hotel you should feel free to give out more but don’t overdo it. For instance, when you give out a EUR20 on a EUR500 bill that is considered to be appropriate because it represents a very small fraction of what you have spend inside that particular establishment.

You can also tip a cab driver even though this is not expected nor it isn’t a common practice in Italy. It is advisable to agree on the final amount before you embark on the journey and if the driver provides an exceptional level of service such as being more helpful in guiding you throughout your trip then you may feel free to give him/her something extra.

However, before you tip you must ask yourself some questions such as is this tip appropriate and is it worth the level of service accorded and does he or she deserve it?

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