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11 Awesome Things to Do In Switzerland

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

things to do in Switzerland(Photo by Eider Palmou)
Yep – the Matterhorn is a real mountain, not just a roller-coaster ride!

11 Awesome Things to Do In Switzerland

Ah, the Swiss! Chocolate, cheese… chocolate, cheese…! I could write an entire blog post about Swiss cheese and chocolate, but I’ll spare you because Switzerland is way better than just its chocolate and cheese. There are plenty of awesome things to do in Switzerland besides eat, although eating does rank up there pretty high. Switzerland is a breathtaking country – I know, I know, I say that a lot in my posts! But Switzerland really is breathtaking. In fact, Switzerland is home to some of the world’s greatest natural beauty, including the Swiss Alps, of course. Let’s travel to Switzerland, and between eating chocolate and cheese, we’ll do 11 awesome things!

  1. Aletsch Glacier: Nestled amongst the Swiss Alps are numerous glaciers, and the Aletsch Glacier is the Alps’ longest one at a little more than 14 miles in length. Aside from its breathtaking beauty and size, the Aletsch Glacier can also boast that it is the first designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. To top all of that off, it’s actually really easy to get to, so there’s no excuse to miss it!
  2. Chateau de Chillon: Resting on the shores of Lake Geneva and built in the 11th century, this isn’t just one castle building. Chateau de Chillon housed the counts of Savoy from the 12th to the 14th century, and these guys lived in a serious crib. One hundred buildings, a tower, some dungeons for the bad guys, and three courtyards make up the Chateau de Chillon.
  3. Interlaken: Switzerland is an active country, and Interlaken offers adventurers more than just a daring ski down a Swiss Alp. Don’t get me wrong, Interlaken does offer skiing and hiking, but you can also bungee-jump, para-glide, and do a little river rafting while you’re in town. Interlaken is known for its gorgeous surroundings. Just plan on exploring them with some adrenaline to boot!
  4. Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva holds the distinction of being one of Europe’s largest lakes. In fact, it’s so large that it’s actually split between Switzerland and France, with Switzerland owning 60 percent of it. It spans 231.7 square miles; you’ll get lost in the beauty of the lake and its surrounding territory. Take a steamboat tour to fully enjoy its splendor!
  5. Luzern: Although we think of it as Lucerne because of the dairy products Luzern is a beautiful and historic city that has some really awesome things to do. The 800-year-old Medieval Chapel Bridge is in Luzern, as is the Museum of Transport for you vehicle-lovers. The museum even allows you to climb into some of its historic vehicles for a butts-on experience.
  6. Matterhorn: Disney theme park fans know all about the Matterhorn – well, the ride, anyway. The roller-coaster was designed after the real Matterhorn in Switzerland, which is a famous peak throughout the world. Although it’s not Switzerland’s tallest alp, the Matterhorn does rise an impressive 14,691 feet, making it a conquest for mountaineers annually.
  7. Rhine Falls: Lake Geneva might be one of the largest lakes in Europe, but the Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe. The Rhine Falls give visitors several different viewing options via many platforms and boat rides, and they are lit up during special celebrations. If you’re there on August 1, you’ll see the Swiss National Day fireworks celebration above them.
  8. St. Moritz: Hobnob with the rich and famous at St. Moritz. It’s considered a playground for the wealthy since the 1950s, and you’ll find some of the world’s best dining and spas in this glorious city. Ski at St. Moritz in the winter; play golf and tennis in the summer. Relieve your sore muscles afterward with a mineral or mud bath, and top off your day with caviar and truffles.
  9. Swiss National Park: The Swiss fiercely protected their ecosystem – so much so that the Swiss National Park literally takes up half of the country! These people protect their land and animals… and so they should. Founded in 1914, the Swiss National Park is the place to view the Swiss Alps. You can also hike, walk, and mountain-bike while you’re there.
  10. The Olympic Museum: Sports fans know the International Olympics Committee is headquartered in Switzerland, I guess because Switzerland is a neutral country. An awesome sports-fan thing to do is to stop by Lausanne and visit The Olympic Museum. This museum houses a comprehensive collection of Olympic history dating back to Grecian times.
  11. Eat Chocolate: Ah! You knew I’d bring up chocolate eventually, but hey, when in Switzerland…! Of course you have to visit the Lindt and Toblerone factories, but don’t make those your only cacao indulgence. There are plenty of smaller chocolatiers offering the best chocolate in the world. Eating Swiss chocolate just might be the most awesome thing to do of all!

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