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The Stanley Hotel – Haunting Inspiration Behind “The Shining”

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Most of us have seen the movie “The Shining”, but very few of us ever thought we would have the chance to stay in the real life Overlook Hotel from the movie and novel. On a trip to Estes Park, Colorado horror writer Stephen King formed the idea for his novel “The Shining” and based the hotel on the location he stayed at, The Stanley Hotel.

The Shining movie locations(photo by: Nomadic Lass)

A 140 room historic site in Estes Park’s Historic Stanley District, The Stanley not only inspired the novel, but also featured as a location for the TV mini series adaptation of the novel. If the idea of staying in the hotel that inspired one of the greatest horror novels and movies ever made is not enough, simply tune any of the hotel’s TVs to channel 42 and watch Stanley Kubrick’s version of “The Shining” play on a continuous loop for added atmosphere.

The Resort Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is one of the best hotel experiences in Colorado, largely because of its close proximity to many of the US state’s best attractions. The hotel is often referred to as the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park, and is located in the heart of the historic region of the city of Estes Park. Local attractions include the Reel Mountain Theatre and the Estes Park Museum.

The Shining locations

For most guests at The Stanley Hotel the option of being scared in “The Shining” hotel is the major draw. Every room in the hotel is reported to have had some form of ghostly activity at some point in the history of the hotel, which dates back to 1909. One of the rooms most guests wish to stay in is room 217, where a former housekeeper is reported to have a warm welcome in store for unsuspecting guests. Some reports even suggest room 217 was the room Stephen King stayed in when the idea for “The Shining” came to him.

The Stanley Hotel has featured on many television shows and is often referred to as one of the most haunted hotels in the US. Many guests not only enjoy the high quality service and luxury rooms of the hotel, but also report their own paranormal encounters with moving objects and the small, ghostly children that reportedly run the halls of the fourth floor.


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