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Things to do in Tallinn apart from Stag Parties

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Sadly there is a bit of a stigma now attached Tallinn, Estonia.

Like Prague it has become infamous with throngs of beer-guzzling stag parties all intent on sampling the cut-price beer and treating the place as their own. But please don’t be dismayed by this because Tallinn really does have a great deal to offer everyone and is a magical and largely undiscovered city in Eastern Europe .

Tallinn, a wonderful and intriguing blend of old and new

The medieval parts are as extreme as you can get. The Dome Church, or Toomkirick, is the oldest church in Tallinn, dating back to the 13th Century and being at the top of a hill it’s not only very hard to miss but also the best place to look down from and take it the whole panorama of Tallinn.

Tallinn Museums and Palaces

If churches aren’t your thing particularly then don’t worry cause there’s something not too far away for the art lovers out there. The Foreign Art Museum near Kadriorg Park in Kadriorg Palace is guaranteed to take your breath away when you see it. Even before you see some of the beautiful art pieces in the collection, the actual palace itself is a stunningly colourful building that looks like something you’d find in a dolls house. The gardens around it are immaculate also and gorgeous at sunset.

Estonian Food and Tallinn Restaurants

If you are less interested in the more cultural and grown-up things and just fancy getting down to some serious eating then you won’t be disappointed with the dozens of restaurants in Tallinn. Being on the chilly side a lot of the time, the Estonians favour their hearty meals. The traditional Estonian dishes aren’t for the faint-hearted, or vegetarians either come to think of it. Blood sausage is a huge favourite but then fans of black pudding might be finding this a bit too everyday. Try Jellied Pork Tongue then or even Marinated Eel, which for some reason comes out to you served cold. One of the best restaurants to try would be Eesti Maja on Lauteri tänav 1, where you’ll find more familiar and less adventurous dishes too in case you’re worried.

Tallinn Night Spots

For those of you who want to join in with the drinking and the partying but don’t want to end up being swamped in lads shouting football songs, a great bar is Gloria Veinikelder Müürivahe 2, Lower Town. It’s a quiet and romantic little cellar bar with candlelights and a superb range of wines and beers. You can really lose yourself in the secret booths and arches and it’s a perfect place to end a day in the city and feel like you’re really part of the local action.

Where to stay in Tallinn

Picture of Tallinn, Estonia, at sunset by Jurvestonp>

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  1. says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 04:00

    Apart from what is mentioned, I can highly recommend a bicycle tour of Tallinn. I went on a bike tour about three years ago and had a great time. The tour took me through Russian residential areas, an old submarine, markets, old KGB building and much more.

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