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Fans of floating in glamourous hotel swimming pools simply must experience these five dazzling international stars.

Marina Bay Sands Pool


Riga is a historic city with moderate temperatures ranging from the 10Cs to the 20Cs during summer. Visitors and residents alike are lucky, as pools in Riga are usually open all seven days of the week and keep long hours. They also tend to be part of larger sports clubs to offer more variety and are priced at 5 to 12 Lats based on duration of stay. Riga even has a few water parks, ensuring that there are plenty of ways to make a splash in the city.


Whether your internal temperature gauge is set to Fahrenheit or Celsius, as the mercury level climbs there is only so much a gelato can do. So do as the Italians do and head to the water. With over 40 pools in Florence it makes for a quick fix from the heat. They are all fairly easy to get to and relatively inexpensive. A quick run down of a few.

Florence Pool


The biggest and most impressive of the bunch is the Costoli Pool, located near Campo Di Marte stadium. read full article


Like many other Northern European cities, Berlin really comes to life during summer. The transformation from grey and chilly to lush and sparkly makes the locals stir from their winter slumber and draws masses of tourists on the hunt for the ultimate Berlin summer experience.