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As well as being the most populous city in Turkey, Istanbul is also known as the country’s cultural and financial center. It is referred to as the bridge between the Asian and European continents as it is situated on both sides of Bosphorus Strait which links the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. In 2010, Istanbul was listed as one of the three cultural capitals of Europe. The city is also the home of some excellent shopping opportunities. Listed below are some of Istanbul’s best street markets to explore when visiting the city.


Given its diverse ethnic and cultural population, San Diego’s variety of cuisine options is endless—from Mexican to Italian to Indian and everything in between. Although mobile street food isn’t exactly new in San Diego, as the gourmet food truck phenomenon sweeps the nation, San Diego’s food truck scene is one of the leaders of this gastro-revolution and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular San Diego attractions. With nearly perfect weather year round, there’s no better city to grab your meal outside. Plus, the usage of social media is driving these trucks to new heights in popularity.

San Diego Food Truck


Italy in the past few weeks has suffered the hottest temperatures in years, and we at the HQ found very useful Context Travel’s guide on how to stay cool while while travelling. Make sure to arm yourself with lots of cool drinks

If you have never been, then you need to know in advance that street food in Asia needs to be taken quite seriously, so it’s highly advisable that you read up on where to eat. read full article