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Latvia is a very popular tourist destination, especially for those individuals who are looking for a great winter skiing holiday or vacation experience. The ski season in Latvia starts in December and concludes in April.

Latvia: ski resort

Currently, there are 19 different ski resorts in Latvia, all of which offer great cross-country skiing opportunities. Because the counrty lacks in speed slopes the opportunities for downhill skiing are few. However, there is sufficient terrain to accommodate anyone that loves to ski, whether a beginner or an advanced skier. Moreover, most ski resorts in Latvia offer nice accommodations and ski tutelage. read full article


While Colorado gets all the attention with regards to skiing in the Rocky Mountains, Utah is finally emerging as a serious competitor with its powdery slopes offering ‘the greatest snow on earth’ and cheaper resorts.

Utah's Alta ski resort

Photo by limaoscarjuliet

While Utah may lack some of the glamour and infrastructure of its neighbours, it more than makes up for this with challenging ski slopes and unspoilt character. read full article


Switzerland is world renowned for its great ski destinations. The Alps in the southern part of the country and Jura to the northwest, attract winter sports aficionados from all over the world. The following article provides information on some of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

switzerland ski resorts

Andermatt – is one of those popular ski resorts that lull you into a sense of getting in touch with the season and well-being. read full article


My first ski holiday was at the tender age of 9, and I was hooked from the off. Generally speaking, when I am on a ski holiday I am at my happiest. Undoubtedly, the actual skiing and snowboarding play a big part in plastering a smile across my face, but there is so much more to it than that. For me, skiing is about spending quality time eating, drinking and generally making merry with friends and family, exploring an awe-inspiring natural landscape that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see, and of course there is a bit of exhilarating sport thrown in for good measure!

 Ski Resorts  in FrancePhoto: Walter Bibikow/The Image Bank/Getty Images