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Getting a glimpse of snow-covered Rome is quite rare, even to natives of this Ancient City. Snowfall is known to come once every 20 years, so when it does happen, it’s thrilling to be able to remember it in photos. Here’s a look at 10 photos which capture snow-capped Rome in its rarest form.

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One of the most romantic trips I have ever had was when my husband surprised me with two tickets to fly to Paris. I have always wanted to see this beautiful city and spend time using my schoolgirl French. We stayed at a fantastic hotel which was located right in the city centre, perfect for sightseeing.

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If you and your significant other are searching for the ideal setting for an intimate getaway, we have listed the Mediterranean’s most romantic beaches below.


London’s reputation as a city of global prominence doesn’t usually include romance. However, in recent years visitors have been discovering a city that can offer as much atmosphere and charm as young couples are willing to find under its many layers. Here is a guide on how to get the most out of a romantic day in London.

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Start with a relaxing brunch either in your hotel in London or one of the many riverside cafes. read full article


With Valentine’s Day coming up, here is a rundown of the romantic destinations that lovers of all ages may want to consider for the special day.

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Paris is a city so closely associated with romance that it risks becoming a parody of itself. Unscrupulous hoteliers and restaurateurs in the city do their best to help this by raising prices through the roof for a week either side of the 14th February. However, Paris has the reputation it does because it is a very romantic city. Visitors are likely to have a break they will remember for the rest of their lives while the disadvantages will very quickly fade from memory. read full article