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Most of us enjoy confectionery but do we often consider what is in these delights or where they originate from? Very often hazelnuts have provided the base.


Whenever you think about Italian cuisine, there are a number of dishes that frequently come to mind, especially lasagna. Where the international traveler is concerned, most of them feel that the allure of Italy is found in the cuisine, culture, Renaissance architecture, shopping opportunities, and the wines. However, with Christmas just around the corner, thoughts often turn to preparing a traditional Italian meal for the holidays to serve up to your family and friends.

Italian Christmas Recipes

Here are the top 3 Italian Christmas recipes that you should consider for the holidays if you want to have a delightful feast and the perfect meal to please your guests with: read full article


For this week’s Travel Picks Friday, we wanted to inspire you with Italian Cuisine and chose three scrumptious recipes for you to try out. These fantastic recipes were brought to you by Raleigh from LoveFromItalia, a superb blog about Italy, food, and travel!

cacio pepe recipe

New Oil – just pressed – is a treasure that needs the right dish to be paired with to showcase it in all its unctuous velvety goldenness. Whether the oil comes from Northern Italy, Southern Italy, Central Italy, Sicily or Sardinia, it needs to be presented simply, letting the oil shine (no pun intended!).

The Thought: “Tutte le strade conducono a Roma” – every street will take you to Rome – immediately came to mind when I thought of ways to use Olio Nuovo… because, two of my favorite ways are with Roman specialties! read full article


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

For those who are wondering why Thanksgiving is such an important celebration in the United States, here are some Thanksgiving facts: read full article


On the first morning of our stay in Umbria, at the Villa Fibbino, Anna made her fresh fig tart as part of our breakfast. It was love at first bite. The freshly baked dough flaked and melted in your mouth as the sweet and hearty figs reminded you that summer was fleeting and that you had to catch it at its peak.

fig tart

Barbara had the brilliant idea to ask Anna if we could video – from start to finish – how this decadent dessert was prepared. Anna graciously consented, and the following morning we walked down to the fig tree and picked our fresh figs. Once in the kitchen, Anna made the preparation and presentation look so simple that we hope your results will be as spectacular as hers.
Here is the Fresh Fig Tart Recipe from Anna. read full article


Recipe Tagliolini Funghi

It’s Harvest Time in Italy! Autumn is the season to forage the forests for Porcinis and Truffles; to pick and gather the grapes and the olives…from the top to the tip of the boot and on the Islands, the forests and fields are teaming with activity. Hard work, yes! But, the fruits of the harvesting bring boundless pleasure to all. Fresh porcinis, so succulent and earthy add their velvety texture to soups and sautés. The exquisite truffle, magical and sensuous used in honey, oil and compound butters! So lovely shaved over salads and pastas. Just harvested wine grapes are perfect for the traditional Tuscan Grape Cakes and Breads. read full article