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Belgium is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium. Historically known as one of the Low Countries, it is often a wrong impression on people’s minds that Belgium is all about flat lands and fields. On the contrary, a holiday in this country is all about diverse geographical terrain and a lot of outdoor activities. A day in the green outdoors, with the sun streaming on your face, the breeze whipping through your hair, great food and a lot of enjoyment are promises that Belgium can easily keep. Could you ask for anything more from an amazing vacation?


Located in the heart of Anatolia, the caves of Cappadocia in the mid-western region of Turkey, preserve the history of the great civilizations that flourished in the land. The seemingly hostile and harsh volcanic terrain and its ‘fairy chimneys’ that tower into the sky are sculpted by erosion. The caves themselves are a marvel of human ingenuity, being carved out of the rock and remarkably complete. The rooms hollowed out into the rocks have cut-out windows, arched ceilings, and millstone doors. There are even multi-level cave houses that are well connected by tunnels, stairs, and passageways. Most of these cave houses form a part of the underground cities populated by early Christians who hid here from persecution. Visitors arrive from Ankara or Istanbul to the closest city to the cave systems, Kayseri.