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Czech Republic

The capital and largest city in the Czech Republic is Prague. It is also one of central Europe’s largest cities and has served as Bohemia’s historic region capital for centuries now. There are a number of gift shops that target tourists lining the streets of the Old Town district. During the month of December, the Christmas Markets populate the downtown square where you can find all the arts, crafts, foods, and Prague memorabilia that you can possibly stand.

Prague Czech Republic Street


Visitors to Prague, Czech Republic will almost certainly use the convenient and well appointed Ruzyne airport situated about five miles west of the city. After some comprehensive expansion and improvement works in recent years the airport now acts not only as a gateway to Prague but to all of Europe for visitors travelling from as far afield as Korea. The transfer to or from Ruzyne is not as easy as it is in many major cities due to the absence of a dedicated rail link but is still quite simple and convenient.

Prague Czech Republic Airport


The Czech Republic, as much as it denies it, is still very much an eastern European country. As such, its food is generally rich, including heavy sauce, lots of meat and potatoes and relatively little fresh vegetables. It also has few typical desserts, but the one they have are heavy on the calories.

Prague Dessert


Located in the heart of Europe, the city of Prague is one of the more convenient destinations for Europeans and international travelers. It is the Czech Republic’s capital and largest city as well as being one the largest cities in Europe. Prague has really evolved dramatically from the destruction left behind by World War II to a city that is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Prague Night


The capital and largest city in the Czech Republic is Prague, one of the most popular tourist destinations. Once a city that was devastated by Germany during the Second World War, the facelifts and renovations that have continued since the end of the conflict have helped Prague evolve back into the culturally and historically beautiful city that it was prior to World War II.

Prague food

Interestingly enough, along with its spectacular architecture, cultural diversity, and past history, many international travelers visit the city to experience some of the best Czech cuisine in the country. There are three things that you want to keep in mind whenever you are dining out in Prague: read full article