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Italy is a gourmand’s paradise, with dishes of all shapes and sizes to satisfy even the most delicate and demanding palates. From creamy risotto and colourful pizza to authentic spaghetti, there is so much to delight and surprise the traveller when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Pasta from Italy


Featuring some of the most delicious cuisine anywhere in the world, Bologna is oftentimes considered being the gastronomical capital of Italy.

Dining and drinking are particularly important in the city, and its culinary tradition is one of the richest that you will find anywhere. The… read full article


Amsterdam Museum Exibition

If you’re planning a weekend break in Amsterdam, Netherlands in November,  visit the Rijksmuseum to see Damien Hirst’s latest artwork: a 18th century human skull covered with diamonds.

Bologna Museum of Anatomical Waxes

For those of you curious to see more human skulls,  Boingboing posted a photo from… read full article


I have recently met a really great guy from Seattle: he listens to great music, has a great taste in wine, and shares my love to travel to other great cities in Italy. As I write this I’m listening to some great music that I got from… read full article