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Bangkok is a fantastic Thailand city that has the infectious energy of many cities across the Far East but an important distinguishing character of its own. Due to the growing importance of the city as an international air travel hub more and more people are passing through, but many do not give the city the time it deserves. Even if you have other places to be, Bangkok is worth at least a day or two so it can be explored and reveal itself beyond the clichés.

Bangkok Temple


A trip to Thailand is sure to be packed with activities – water sports and beach hopping in Phukhet and Pattaya, visits to temples, shopping at the floating market, elephant, crocodile and cultural shows and Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife.

Thai massage


Check out these nine curious facts about Bangkok:

1. Thai food is the bomb.

If there’s one thing Bangkok will not disappoint, it’s your taste buds. From five star restaurants to colorful street food stalls, Bangkok offers a unique culinary read full article


Bangkok is a vibrant city known for its amazing variety of food. In recent years, Italian has become one regional foods of choice.

Locals enjoy the simple, fresh ingredients while expats enjoy tucking into an authentic dish… read full article


Thailand is one of the gems of Asia and a family vacation there must involve visiting the city of Bangkok.

The city is Thailand’s largest city and has an abundance of family oriented attractions which will… read full article


Word of caution: This is not for the faint hearted. You are highly advised not to eat while reading this. Vegetarians are not encouraged to read any further.

Thailand offers many exotic attractions – from beaches, to women, and… read full article