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Awesome Summer (Cold) Soups

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Do you want to know how to stay cool during the hot summer months? Read this article and you will discover all the classic cold soup secrets.

It is summer time already. You may love the heat but there are times you just need to chill. Now, one great way to stay cool is to drink the right soup at every opportunity. Here are some awesome summer (cold) soups to keep you cool, well-fed and properly nourished. Drink some or even all of these awesome summer (cold) soups and you will be happy with yourself.

Summer cold soups
(photo by: jlastras)

Chilled lentil soup
Try the chilled lentil soup and you will discover that a great tasting soup and nutrition can come together in a delicious way. The ingredients include lentils, cucumber, Greek yogurt, onions, fresh paisley and lemon juice. This soup is very rich and very nourishing. The recipe is quite simple so you can try it out at home. Just combine Greek yogurt and vegetable broth then set it aside. Slice your onions and dice your cucumber. Mix these together and add fresh paisley, fresh lemon juice and salt to the mixture. Whisk to combine and then add more onions and cucumber. Refrigerate this for an hour and the soup is ready.

Grilled beef and vegetable soup
One of the most awesome summer (cold) soups you can think of is the grilled beef and vegetable soup. The ingredients are two table spoons unsalted butter, cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme, two large onions, salt, beef broth and about half a pound beef. Your best beef option is strip steak. Make the soup, melt the butter, add onions and cook the lot until it is soft. Make the kebab and cut the beef into small pieces. Add the other ingredients and cook for about twenty minutes. Your soup is ready but you need to wait until it is cold. Serve chilled and you will definitely enjoy the soup.

It can get pretty hot in the summer but the heat should not bother you. Drink some of the awesome summer (cold) soups above and you will be cool.

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