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St. Petersburg Must-See Sights

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The city of Saint Petersburg is one of Russia’s hidden jewels. The city of has a magnificence that you would expect to see only in films or created on fantasy vast film sets.

The reality is that this hauntingly beautiful Russian city is so very real and breathtaking that you will almost never want to leave. Well, maybe in winter you may want to eventually, as the Russian winters are simply not the kindest winter experiences in the world.

This imperial capital was built less than three centuries ago. First built by Peter the Great who took to this Russian region with a grand vision of building city on the Gulf of Finland like no other. The history of St. Petersburg is simply alluring. It intrigues with its enormous architectural buildings and expansive squares. Also, known as the city of the Tsars, St. Petersburg has a pulse of its own. It is considered to be the cultural heart of all of Russia. This timeless city continues to rank very highly notable as one the fantastical cities of Europe.

  • Nevskiy Prospekt

The main avenue of St. Petersburg is called Nevskiy Prospekt. This is the centre of all business, trade and cultural activities. It is here that you will find the greatest in both nightlife and shopping. These are two very important aspects to explore when taking in the many stunning sights of St. Petersburg. It is on this very avenue that you will find the ornately stunning Kazan Cathedral. For one of the city’s largest department store look no further than this avenue for the Gostiny Dvor. Nevskiy Prospect also features a beautiful monument to Catherine the Great, a prominent Russian historical figure.

  • Saint Petersburg churches and cathedrals

Within St. Petersburg, discover the world’s most glorious cathedrals and churches. By the turning of the 20th century there were as many as 16 churches in the monastery complex of 5 are survived today: Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church of the Annunciation, St.Lazarus’ Church, St.Nicholas’ Church and the Church of the Holy Mother of God “the Joy of all Mourners” which is over the monastery gates. It is here where the Russian cultural icons Dostoyevsky and Tchaikovsky are buried.

  • Soviet Memorials & Memorabilia

For mega history buffs, the Soviet Memorials & Memorabilia will not disappoint. For 74 years in existence the Soviet Union still has a mark or two left behind as well as its imprint on the face of the city’s history. The Yusupov Palace, build by Vallin de la Mothe in the Early Russian Classical style, is one of the rarest standing structures acting as part architectural monument and part temple of art. It symbolized the great Russian wealth and spirit of the respected Yusupov family. It is a palace that has whethered the test of time. Even today it holds the glory of its hay days and in so many ways is more stunning now than ever before.

Photo of Nevsky Prospekt, Saint Peterburg, Russia originally posted by wili hybrid

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