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Spring Break Europe. What’s Hot & What’s Not

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Why not visit one of the chic European Cities this Spring and hang out with the trend setters? Try out amazing food and drink and sample the great night life. Here’s our snapshot guide with hot tips.

springbreak(photo by: jo.sau)

- Do
Stay in what was the old East Berlin and rub shoulders with artists and musicians.
Visit the park at night! Most have concerts, restaurants and games areas and are safe and friendly.
Book cheap hotels in Berlin – quality is still high, but prices are really affordable.
- Don’t

Forget your metro pass – its a great way to zip around this City.

- Do
Visit the mini Eiffel Tower on Petrin Hill.
Take a selfie on Charles Bridge to post on Facebook.
- Don’t
Try to walk around the city all in one day – take the metro or a horse and carriage ride instead.

- Do
Visit the Eiffel Tower – it’s always fashionable.
Take a ride on the carousel at the bottom of the tower.
Visit La Defense – it’s the funky business centre with great architecture.
- Don’t
Visit more than one museum in a day – they are amazing but your feet will drop off!

- Do
Take an old soviet train to the Latvian seaside. The fare is cheap and you may even find some amber.
Buy some flowers or shoes! Everyone buys flowers and you will never see the same pair of shoes twice.
- Don’t
Be afraid to be British. Gingham and dog tooth checks are in this spring.

- Do
Stay in a high rise Budapest hotel and get a brilliant view of both sides of the city.
Buy handbags in and around the bus station – there is a bag for every budget here.
Take a trip on the children’s railway – it’s very different and not just for children.
- Don’t
Forget to try restaurants at both sides of the city.

- Do
Ask a policeman! The city police have their own booths and have been know to escort you to your hotel or restaurant if you get lost.
Visit the jewellery shops for some really unique pieces.
- Don’t
Be shy to try out new foods – the Lithuanians are great cooks.


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