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Best Souvenirs to Buy in Morocco

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Morocco is a stunning country to visit. It has souring mountains, massive desert sand dunes and cities that will make you feel like you have stepped back in time. It also has ancient cultures and delicious cuisine, so visitors will want to take back the perfect souvenirs from their vacation in Morocco. One of the best places to go shopping for souvenirs are the markets (souks) in Marrakesh and Fez.

what to buy in Morocco(photo by: Joop Zuijdendorp)

Both Marrakesh and Fez are incredible cities with much to see and do, and shopping in the massive souks in these cities is one of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting this amazing country. There is plenty of accommodation in Marrakech and Fez, including guesthouses and five star hotels. But Morocco is an ideal place to relax, so we suggest you to stay in one of our spa hotels in Marrakech to fully enjoy your holidays.

Most people like souvenirs that are relevant to a certain culture and Morocco has plenty to offer. One of the best souvenirs to buy in Morocco is a Berber carpet. These beautifully crafted rugs look wonderful in any living room or bedroom and they come in a wide range of ethnic designs and colours. They are hand-woven in the Berber traditional way and have a thick pile weave, intricate border designs and are decorated with beautiful geometric patterns.

Another fantastic souvenir is a Morrocan tea set. They are beautifully designed with a silver-plated teapot and four tea glasses. These can easily be picked up at one of the souks in Fez or Marrakesh.

Morocco is also famous for its belly dancing, so what better souvenir than a belly dance costume? They can be purchased in Marrakesh’s Djemm el Fna souk and are perfect to wear with jeans as a casual outfit. Also, you can buy a full hip belt with coins sewn onto it so it jingles when you move.


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